Zsófia Balla


Zsófia Balla (given birth to 15 January 1949) is a Romanian-born Hungarian poet and essayist. She actually is regarded as perhaps one of the most prominent feminine poets in Hungary.

Balla was created in the Romanian town of Cluj to cultural Hungarian parents. Her dad was a article writer and her mom a German instructor. She researched music (violin) on the Cluj Academy of Music, graduating in 1972. After divorcing her initial husband, she wedded the poet Csaba Báthori in 1997.After publishing her first poems in the journal Igaz Szó in 1965, her first assortment of poetry A dolgok emlékezete (Recollections of Factors) was published in Bucharest in 1968. From 1972, she proved helpful in the Hungarian section from the Cluj radio place as music editor before place was shut in 1985. Thereafter she proved helpful being a journalist for the nationwide Romanian paper Elore so that as literary editor for just two weekly journals. In 1990, she joined up with the Hungarian Authors Association and in 1992 she became a member of the editorial panel from the Hungarian literary mag Jelenkor. Since 1993, she's been surviving in Budapest, Hungary.


Regarded as perhaps one of the most prominent women poets in Hungary, she's received many honours like the Romanian Writers Association Prize (1984 and 1991) as well as the Hungarian Attila József Prize in 1996. In 2008, she became a Laureate from the Hungarian Republic (Magyar Köztársaság Babérkoszorúja).

Selected works

Balla offers published the next choices of poetry: 1968: A dolgok emlékezete, Irodalmi és Művészeti Kiadó, Bucharest 1971: Apokrif ének, Kriterion, Bucharest 1975: Vízláng versek, Kriterion, Bucharest 1980: Második személy, Kriterion, Bucharest 1983: Kolozsvári táncok, Kriterion, Buchrest 1985: Hóka fóka fióka (nursery rhyme), Kriterion, Bucharest 1991: A páncél nyomai, Kriterion, Bucharest, 1991 1993: Egy pohár fű, Jelenkor, Pécs 1995: Ahogyan élsz, Jelenkor, Pécs 1997: Triangulum, avagy száz ördög közt három szentek (poetry for puppets), Seneca, Budapest 2002: A harmadik történet, Jelenkor, Pécs, ISBN 9636763097 2009: A nyár barlangja, Budapest, Kalligram Kiadó