Zakaria Badat


Molana Zakaria Badat (Arabic: القارئ الشيخ ﺰﻛﺮﻳﺎ الﺒﺩﺍ


Badat lived in Britain for quite some time where he attended the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury, Western Yorkshire. That's where he memorized the Quran to become Hafiz and experienced and graduated being a Qāriʾ after learning seven recitation customs. He also examined Islamic theology for six years to graduate being a Muslim scholar of Islam. Then went to research at madrasahs (Kashif Uloom and Miftah Uloom Taraj) in Delhi and Taraj, India. Badat retains a Master's level in Islamic Research and Politics in the School of Portsmouth. Molana Zakaria is certainly fluent in Arabic, British, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu. He provides traveled all over the world marketing peace in lots of countries including Saudi Arabia, India, THE UNITED STATES, Belarus and Russia.


Imam Zakaria is a going to Imam in Uk prisons, and was area of the multi-faith Leicester Council of Faiths. He was a presenter on Radio Ramadhan Unique in Leicester for six years. His friend Molana Ibrahim Mogra still presents on Ramadhan Unique (now referred to as FMO Radio Ramadan) which just broadcasts in Ramadan on FM and on the web. Imam Zakaria offers lectured in the University or college of Leicester, De Montfort University or college, the University or college of Miami with Florida International University or college. In July 2006, Molana Zakaria Saab offered a conversation at a serenity conference structured by Shree Morari Bapu of India in Leicester, and in November 2006 he offered a conversation at a global peace meeting in Miami. He's a follower from the Sunni Hanafi approach and is against any type of extremism. Badat offers performed many Hajj pilgrimages, and requires sets of Hajjis to Saudi Arabia from Florida, New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago.