Yoni Ben-Menachem


Yoni Ben-Menachem (given birth to 1957) can be an Israeli journalist, since 2003 appointed General Movie director and Main Editor of Israel Radio-KOL Israel. Ben-Menachem was created and raised in Jerusalem served in the Cleverness Device in the Israel Protection Makes and released using the rank of captain. After his launch he pursued his research in the Hebrew College or university gaining an initial Level in Arabic Vocabulary and Books & his second Degree in East Asian Research, the second option which helped attain a job like a producer of the Japan-based Israeli tv train station. Finishing a program for Correspondents in the Israel Broadcasting Specialist (IBA) in 1983 pursuing which he satisfied many journalistic missions amongst that have been correspondent for Western Standard bank & Gaza Affairs for Israel Route One and Kol Israel. Ben-Menachem was commissioned from the IBA while their correspondent to Tunis in 1993 and was the initial Israeli Journalist to interview Yasser Arafat prior to the signing from the Oslo Accords. In 2003 he was appointed general movie director and main editor of Israel Radio Kol Israel inside a tender from the IBA.