Yardena Arazi


Yardena Arazi (Hebrew: ירד

Yardena Arazi was created on Kibbutz Kabri and was raised in Haifa. Arazi may be the child of Jewish immigrants from France and Germany. She became a member of the Beit Rothschild group at 16 and became its business lead vocalist. She do her military services in the Nahal entertainment troupe. Arazi is definitely wedded to engineer Nathan Tomer, with whom she's a child, Alona.

Musical and television career

In the 1970s, Yardena Arazi was an associate of the feminine vocal trio Chocolate, Menta, Mastik along with Leah Lupatin and Rutie Holzman. The group symbolized Israel in the 1976 Eurovision Melody Contest using the melody Emor Shalom ("State Hello"), placing 6th. Following the Eurovision competition, they started a global tour that included Brazil, Sweden, Germany, HOLLAND and Belgium; launching many singles in British, French and German and made an appearance in many Television shows all over European countries. Arazi still left the music group in 1978.In 1979, the Israel Broadcasting Power (IBA) asked Arazi to co-host the Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem with current information anchor Daniel Peer. Her hosting received reviews that are positive across European countries and she participated in Television shows in holland (with Dairy & Honey) and Belgium (with Mike Burstyn). Arazi was agreed upon to a documenting agreement with record label Ariola Information and released a mini-album with music compiled by Bernd Meinunger. During this time period she fulfilled Natan Tomer and made a decision to go back to Israel.Through the 1980s Arazi was perhaps one of the most successful singers in Israel, getting named as the very best female singer of the entire year five times so that as the very best female singer from the decade; launching 10 silver and platinum albums. She held performing all over the world including Australia, Poland (with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Zubin Mehta), Turkey, LA and Egypt.Arazi took component on the Israeli's Eurovision domestic competition (Kdam) 3 x being a singer (1982, 1983, 1985) so that as a co-host (1987). In 1988, she was chosen internally by IBA to sing the Israeli entrance for Eurovision and throughout a special Television show where she provided four news music, the entrance was chosen. Ultimately, she visited Dublin using the melody Ben Adam ("INDIVIDUAL"), which emerged in seventh. Arazi is definitely extremely superstitious and consults an astrologer on all issues in her lifestyle. The astrologer informed her the melody performed 9th would earn your competition in Dublin, Ireland. Israel acquired attracted 9th in the working order, therefore Arazi decided to represent Israel. Nevertheless, when Cyprus withdrew in the contest, Israel's placement shifted to 8th. The 9th melody did win your competition; using the Swiss triumphing from that placement.In 1989 Arazi documented the album Desert Illusion than included 10 Hebrew versions of Arabic tracks originally written and sung by Farid al-Atrash, Fairuz, Abdul Halim, Samira Said while others. The recording was also released in america and Japan and was greatly successful all over the middle east.Since 1997 Arazi has centered on her profession as a Television sponsor. For 9 years she co-hosted the route 2 morning journal Cafe Telad, and down the road she hosted at Route 1 (Shir Hashishim), Route 2 (Malcot Hashabat), GLZ radio train station etc.At 2008 Arazi was named typically the most popular Israeli singer ever in the 60th Independence Day special event.

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