Vladimír Chvátil

Vladim׭r Chvסtil
Born1971 (age 45-46)
Jihlava, Czech Republic
Known forBoard game designer
Video game designer


Vladimír Chvátil /vlaɟɪmiːr xvaːcɪl/ (frequently known professionally as Vlaada Chvátil /vlaːda xvaːcɪl/) is a Czech game developer and a gaming developer. He became a recognizable name in the game community following publication of Through the Age range: A TALE of Civilization in 2006 and thereafter his styles frequently made the very best 100 list on BoardGameGeek. In 2016, he gained the coveted prize “Spiel des Jahres” (Video game of the entire year) in Germany for Codenames. His perhaps most obviously video game task was a real-time technique Primary War. He afterwards done the role-playing gaming Vision which has hardly ever been completed. In 2006, he still left Altar and began to focus on plank games. This year 2010 he done Family Farm, a casino game that originated by Hammerware.


Vlaada's styles are strongly rooted in the game's theme preferring the technicians that match the theme best. His connection towards the theme can be evident in the manner he writes the guidelines for his video games which constantly make the theme obvious or even uses the theme to inject laughter into the procedure for learning a casino game.He also gained a status for innovative technicians and a diverse selection of designs, like the epic civilization video game Through the Age groups, the award-winning party term video game Codenames, and the true time sci-fi experience Galaxy Trucker which required the players to simultaneously rummage through a pile of cardboard tiles seeking for ones to boost their spaceship.

Notable games

Video Games

1992: Cervii 1997: Seafood Fillets NG 2001: Original War 2007: Seafood Fillets 2 2010: Family members Plantation 2014: Galaxy Trucker

Board Games

1997: Arena: Morituri te salutant 2002: Prophecy 2006: Graenaland 2006: Through the Age groups: A TALE of Civilization winner of 2007 International Gamers Awards – General Strategy; Multi-player 2007: Kámales – Zbraně – Papír (Rock and roll – Paper – Weaponry) 2007: Galaxy Trucker suggested at 2008 Spiel des Jahres 2008: Space Alert champion of 2009 Spiel des Jahres "New Worlds Video game" 2009: Dungeon Lords 2009: Bunny Bunny Moose Moose 2010: Sneaks & Snitches 2010: Travel Blog page 2011: Dungeon Petz 2011: Mage Knight GAME 2011: Pictomania 2013: Tash-Kalar: Industry of Legends 2015: Codenames 2016: Celebrity Trek: Frontiers (in a roundabout way mixed up in project but providing within an advisory part, predicated on the same program from Mage Knight)