Victor Buchstaber


Victor Matveevich Buchstaber (Russian: Виктор Матвеевич Бухштабер, given birth to 1 Apr 1943, Tashkent, USSR) is a Soviet and Russian mathematician known for his focus on algebraic topology, homotopy and mathematical physics.


Buchstaber's first analysis work is at cobordism theory. He computed the differential in the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral series in K-theory and complicated cobordism theory, built Chern-Dold characters as well as the general Todd genus in cobordism, and provided an alternative solution effective solution from the Milnor-Hirzebruch issue. He continued to build up a theory of double-valued formal groupings that resulted in the computation of cobordism bands of complicated manifolds having symplectic coverings also to the explicit structure of what exactly are now referred to as Buchstaber manifolds. He devised filtrations in Hopf algebras as well as the Buchstaber spectral series, which were effectively put on the computation of steady homotopy sets of spheres.He done the deformation theory for mappings to groupings, which resulted in the solution from the Novikov issue in multiplicative subgroups in operator doubles, also to construction from the quantum band of organic cobordisms. He continued to treat complications related both with algebraic geometry and integrable systems. He's also popular for his focus on sigma-functions on general areas of Jacobian types of algebraic curves that provide effective solutions of essential integrable systems. Buchstaber developed an algebro-functional theory of symmetric items of areas and referred to algebraic types of polysymmetric polynomials.

Academic career

Buchstaber gained his Ph.D. in 1970 under Novikov and Dr Sci in 1984 from Moscow Condition University. He's currently a teacher at the Division of Mathematics and Technicians, Moscow State College or university, and by 2005 can be a Teacher at the institution of Mathematics, College or university of Manchester.In 2006 Buchstaber was elected a related person in the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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