Veijo Baltzar

Cultural Counsellor
Veijo Baltzar
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Born9th June 1942 (age 74)
Kuopio, Finland


Cultural Counsellor Veijo Oskari Baltzar is normally a world-leading Romani author, who was simply born within a wandering Gipsy family in 1942 close to Kuopio in middle Finland. Veijo Baltzar can be an writer and allrounder of lifestyle. He did a life’s function for the Roma people through his ethnic and public activity. Veijo Baltzar can be a poet, theater director, playwright, visible artist, performing musician, pedagogue, scientist and a public activist. Baltzar’s creative creation comprises over 72 literary functions, including novels, brief stories, has and musicals, an award-winning film, librettos and Television screenplays. He’s a reputed and well-known ethnic persona and opinion head in Finland, who’s pleased with his cultural root base. Veijo Baltzar’s youth was incredibly poor but extremely full socially and spiritually. His root base were highly in Rautalampi, a vintage parish, where his ancestors acquired found its way to the 15th hundred years. Veijo Baltzar is normally pleased with his ethnicity and identification. He has resided within a close reference to almost all through his individual relationships and function. Strong Roma identification and deep understanding on the lifestyle of almost all have opened up him solid and critical sights on both worlds.


Baltzar began composing at early age. In his twenties, he fled food cravings and travelled to Helsinki, the developing capital of Finland. Quickly the young skill was noticed and folks began to contact him a novelist, all though non-e of his text messages had been released. His first book Polttava connect, The Burning Street (1968, Brännande väg released in Swedish 1969) was a huge hit and a feeling. It had been the first publication ever in Finland that was discussed the Roma and their tradition, noticed through the eye of the Roma. The Burning up Road is usually a book about travelling, customs and confrontations with almost all.Verikihlat, The Engagement of Bloodstream (1969) is a tale about like, hate and bloodstream revenge. In Mari (1972) Baltzar discusses ladies and their placement in the tribe. Mythic book Käärmeenkäräjäkivi (1988) was a nominee for any well known Finlandia Literary award. Musta tango, The Dark Tango (1990) tells about Gypsies in contemporary Finnish society, once they relocated to the suburbs. Baltzar in addition has written a book for kids about Gypsies (Mustan Saaran kristallipallo, The Crystal Ball of Dark Sarah) in 1978. Phuro, released in 2000, can be an considerable epic book about the Roma surviving in Central European countries, the saga of a family group, which tells an account of the city through that from the relatives. The most recent novel by Veijo Baltzar, In like and war, released in 2008, tells about the tragic faith of Western Roma in the center of Second World Battle. All Baltzar’s books have been released by Tammi, among the largest publication publisher businesses in Finland.


Veijo Baltzar in addition has been dynamic in theatre and playwriting. He provides created tens of has, many of them concentrating on Roma, but there's also has about myths, religious beliefs and battle. He was the founder from the first in support of Roma theatre in Nordic countries, Drom Theater in 1976. In 1981 Drom gained the Theatre Actions of the entire year – prize. In the very beginning of the 1980’s, Baltzar worked well as a respected instructor in the Theater Academy of Finland. For the reason that placement he could make Roma theater known among bulk and also obtain more appreciation towards the culture from the Roma by displaying the variety and richness from the Roma custom. Baltzar published and aimed tens of tragedies, poetic takes on and musicals towards the group.In 1990s Baltzar continuing playwriting and directing, aswell taught t in lots of municipal and state institutions. In the College student theater of Kuopio was performed his play the Heaven of Gods where Baltzar received the tradition award of the town. In Imatra, he published and aimed a folk opera Orli with 200 stars 1994-1997. The task became a folk motion. The premiere of so-called "second" Orli, patronaged by Finland's Primary Minister Paavo Lipponen, occurred in the Finlandia concert hall in Helsinki Mar 1997. Presently Veijo Baltzar works his own theater in the premises of historic Alexander theater “Integration Theater Baltzar” which generates annually fresh theatrical and music productions.

Pedagogical work

When Baltzar started managing his own theatre and teaching / directing at 1976, he created his own pedagogical technique predicated on multicultural emotional cleverness, currently referred to as Intercultural Experiential Education. Chancellor of Finland’s Ministry of Education and Tradition Anita Lehikoinen mentioned in 2011 Baltzar’s pedagogical solutions to be considered a potential Finnish item of export. In 2012, Baltzar released a polemic work at Experiential Beliefs (Kokemuspohjainen filosofia), where he presents his pedagogical technique and its own philosophical and educational history. The publication was released in British in 2014.

Social activity

In 2002, to be able to fortify the position of Romani literature world widely, Baltzar founded the International Roma Authors Association (IRWA) and was elected as its president.Veijo Baltzar was dynamic to advertise Roma guidelines in Finland since 1965. He continues to be included also in Finnish politics and cooperates frequently using the leading politicians of Finnish culture and additional countries. In the past years he continues to be known as a substantial opinion innovator in problems of multicultural culture.In 2014, Veijo Baltzar organized a global minister-level The Conscience of Europe conference in the Finnish Parliament on 18–19 March 2014. The meeting critically addressed the problems of multicultural culture in European countries. The meeting issued 24-item group of proposals for legislation initiatives by Veijo Baltzar for reforming Western guidelines of multiculturalism, plus they were delivered to European Commission.

Visual artist

Veijo Baltzar did visual arts because the later 1960’s. His functions were presented on the exhibition for youthful performers in Ateneum Artwork Museum, Helsinki in 1975. Since that time Baltzar has already established numerous exhibitions in various elements of Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic. Since 1980s Baltzar did also architectural style.


Books by Veijo Baltzar (Tammi web publishers): In Like and Battle (Sodassa ja rakkaudessa) (2008) Phuro (2000) The Dark Tango (Musta tango) (1990) The Snake Trial Rock (Käärmeenkäräjäkivi) (1988) The Chrystall Ball from the Dark Sara (Mustan Saaran kristallipallo) (1978) Mari (Mari) (1972) The Engagement of Bloodstream (Verikihlat) (1969) The Burning up Road (Polttava tie up) (1968)Has by Veijo Baltzar (written and directed)Entire night plays1981 The Dark Scourge (Musta ruoska). Roma theatre Drom.1982 The Hungry Cranes (Nälkäkurjet). Drom Theater.1980 The Crystal Ball of Black Sarah. A play for kids. Performed in theater Green Apple in Helsinki.1983 I’ll Forge Rock to be always a Equine (Taon kivestä hevosen). Drom Theater. Performed on the International Theatre Celebration 22.–26.11.1985, Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg.1984 Iron Evenings (Rautayöt). Drom Theater.1986 Iron Horses (Rautaratsut). Drom Theater.1991 The God IS EXCELLENT (Jumala on suuri). Interest play. 19931992 The Heaven of Gods (Jumalten Paratiisi). Kuopio Pupil Theatre.1993 Backyard Carmen (Takapihan Carmen) 1993. Kuopio Pupil Theatre.1993 The Gang (Jengi)1993 The Dance (Tanssi)1993 I'LL Not Leave MY PAL (Kaveria ei jätetä).1996 The Forest of Women (Naisten metsä).1997 Like and Mary (Rakkauteni Maria) Oratory.1994-1997 ORLI, Folk opera. Premiere on the Imatra Cultural Middle 1995. The next edition premiered in March 1997 at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.2004 The Heaven of Gods (Jumalten Paratiisi).2009 BOTOX.2011 The God is excellent (Jumala on Suuri).2014 Using the Seven-String Electric guitar. Gipsy cabaret. Premiere on the Alexander Theater, Helsinki2016 Sin. A musical play. Premiere on the Alexander Theater, HelsinkiPoetic plays1979 Muistan unäneeni (Remembrance of my entire life). Theater Baltzar1982 Tie (THE STREET). Drom.1983 Yön kulkijat (Wanderers of the night time), Theatre Drom1983 Punainen hevonen (The Red Equine). Drom.1985 Mustat kiharat (Black Curls). Drom.2005 Mustalaisrunoteatteri (Gipsy Poetry Theatre).Others2012 “Sny” (Dreams). Prague’s Country wide Theater, Nova Scena

Prizes and awards

1980 1st prize in the Golden Harp – competition, Dublin for the manuscript of short movie Punainen puutarha (the Red Garden)1981 The theatre action of the entire year. Granted by Finnish Theater Center1992 The Artwork award from the Province of Kuopio1991 The Tradition award of region Rautalampi1999 Another prize in the international “Amico Rom” - competition. Italy2000 The next reward in the international “Amico Rom” - competition. Italy2002 Arvo Turtiainen books prize2008 Mikael Agricola medal celebrating 40-year literary career. Helsinki, Tammi publishers2011 An honorary name of Cultural Counsellor, kulttuurineuvos, granted from the Chief executive of Finland Tarja Halonen2016 Finalist and honorable mention (international recognition for 50-year activity for the advantage of European Roma), Western european Roma Nature Award (ERSA). Bratislava, Slovakia2017 Artist pension, granted by Arts Promotion Centre Finland as reputation for meritious artistic activity