Tony Atkins


Tony (Anthony Michael) Atkins AM is a physician given birth to on 4 Feb 1943 in Elwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He was awarded Person in the Purchase of Australia in 1987 in acknowledgement of services to international relationships, particularly in neuro-scientific famine alleviation and agricultural advancement in Africa.

Early life and education

Atkins attended Elwood Central College and after receiving the Albert Jacka Scholarship or grant, he completed his extra education in Wesley University, Melbourne in 1959 aged 16. Then graduated MBBS, University or college of Melbourne, in 1965 and PhD, Monash University or college, in 1972, also completing Graduate Diploma in International Wellness, Monash University or college, 2002.


In 1966/67 he was Resident Medical Official in the Alfred Medical center in Melbourne. From 1968 to 1974 he was used in the Monash College or university Medical College. From 1973 to 1980 he offered using the Africa Committee for the Treatment of Southern Sudan in Juba and Darfur. Between 1980 and 1987 he worked well for Globe Vision International, located in California and East Africa. Throughout this era he oversaw many main alleviation and rehabilitation applications in a variety of countries. Through the serious famine of 1984-85 in Ethiopia, Dr Atkins was Movie director of the alleviation program supplied by Globe Vision International, located in Addis Ababa.Lately, Atkins spent some time working in Aboriginal Health Providers in Western Australia and Queensland and a continuing function as an over-all physician in Berwick, Victoria.