Tom Brown Jr.


Tom Dark brown Jr. (created January 29, 1950) can be an American naturalist, tracker, survivalist, and writer from NJ, where he works the Tom Dark brown Jr. Tracker College. In his books, Brown claims that, from age seven, he and his childhood friend Rick were been trained in tracking and wilderness survival by Rick’s grandfather, “Stalking Wolf” (whom Brown claims was Lipan Apache). There is absolutely no proof that “Stalking Wolf” ever been around. Brown creates that Stalking Wolf passed away when Dark brown was 17, which Rick was wiped out in a horseback riding accident in European countries shortly thereafter. Brown spent another ten years functioning odd jobs to aid his wilderness journeys. He then attempt to find other folks in NJ who were thinking about his experiences. Primarily Brown fulfilled with little achievement, but was ultimately called to help find a criminal offense suspect. Although case gained him national interest, he was eventually sued for 5 million dollars for locating the incorrect person. Not surprisingly failure, he could build upon this exposure to create a profession being a full-time tracker, marketing his providers for locating dropped persons, dangerous pets, and fugitives from regulations. According to the people newspaper, “He stalks guys and animals, mainly in NJ.”

The Tracker School

Tom Dark brown Jr.'s Tracker College is situated in New Jersey. Many classes provided by Tracker College are kept in "Primitive Camp", which is situated in the Pine Barrens of NJ. Nevertheless, classes are also provided in California. Workshops involve Brown's variations of Plains Indian ceremonies, like the perspiration lodge and eyesight quest.

Personal life

In July 1977 Tom Dark brown Jr. wedded Judy Duck Ford, 33. At that time Judy experienced a child Kerry, 15, and a child Paul, 11, from a earlier marriage. Both had one young child, Tom Dark brown III, together. Dark brown later wedded Debbie Dark brown and experienced two kids with her - Coty Tracker Dark brown and River Scout Dark brown. Dark brown is currently wedded to his third wife, Celeste Dark brown.

Publications and media

Brown has created 18 books to day. His first publication The Tracker, in 1978, chronicled his arriving old. Reader's Digest imprinted a condensed edition of the tale and provided information regarding Brown's brand-new Tracker College. Tom Brown's books are released by Penguin Books: The Tracker (1978, 1986), ISBN 978-0-42-510133-9 The Search (1980, 2001), ISBN 978-0-42-518181-2 Field Information to COPING WITH the planet earth (1984), ISBN 0-425-09147-3 Information to Crazy Edible and Medicinal Plant life (1986), ISBN 978-0-42-510063-9 Information to Town and Suburban Success (1986), ISBN 978-0-425-09172-2 Field Information to Coping with the planet earth (1986), ISBN 978-0-42-509147-0 Field Information to Character Observation and Monitoring (1986), ISBN 978-0-42-509966-7 Field Information to the Neglected Wilderness (1987), ISBN 978-0-42-509715-1 Field Information to Wilderness Success (1987), ISBN 978-0-42-510572-6 The Eyesight (1988), ISBN 978-0-42-510703-4 Field Information to Character and Success for Kids (1989), ISBN 978-0-42-511106-2 The Search (1991), ISBN 0-425-12660-9 The Trip (1992), ISBN 0-425-13364-8 Grandfather (1993, 2001), ISBN 978-0-42-518174-4, sound reserve (2007) Awakening Spirits (1994), ISBN 978-0-42-514140-3 JUST HOW from the Scout (1995), ISBN 0-425-14779-7 The Research and Artwork of Monitoring (1999), ISBN 978-0-42-515772-5 Case Data files from the Tracker (2003), ISBN 978-0-42-518755-5The NATURE Information website provides these articles by Tom Dark brown Jr.: Concern 71, Sep-Oct 1981:  Wilderness Shelter  Concern 72, Nov-Dec 1981:  Locating Water  Concern 73, Jan-Feb 1982:  Fireplace Starting  Concern 74, Mar-Apr 1982:  Hunting & Traps  Concern 75, May-Jun 1982:  Edible Plant life  Concern 76, Jul-Aug 1982:  Success Cooking  Concern 77, Sep-Oct 1982:  Pet Tracking  Concern 79, Jan-Feb 1983:  Organic Cordage  Concern 87, May-Jun 1984:  Bow Building  Concern 93, May-Jun 1985:  Success Skills  Concern 95, Sep-Oct 1985:  Advanced Shelters   CBS Information reviews:   24 June 2005    6 Dec 2006 

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