Todd Anderson


Neurotic Erotica (poetry) Slipstream Books, 1996 Resisting Adonis (sci-fi thriller) Tesseract Books, 2000 Echoing Narcissus and Invoking Venus have already been posted as forthcoming sequels. I wish to be your sex mark (article) in Biotechnological and Medical Designs in Research Fiction ed. Domna Pastourmatzi, 2002 “Newbie Wrangler” (brief tale) Tesseracts Nine from Tesseract Books and Year’s Greatest Illusion 6 eds Hartwell & Cramer for Tachyon Singapore 1995 (brief nonfiction) Cut Me Some Truth, eds. Armstrong & Landale, 2011 Simply Keep Inhaling and exhaling (play), 2012 Simply Keep Inhaling and exhaling (film) Idea Manufacturer/College or university of Alberta, 2014