Tobias Churton


Tobias Churton (given birth to 1960) is certainly a United kingdom scholar of Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Gnosticism and various other esoteric movements. He’s lecturer at Exeter College or university and writer of Gnostic Idea, The Magus of Freemasonry, and Freemasonry and various other works. Churton has made several tv programs including Gnostics, a 4-component drama-documentary series designed for Route 4 (UK) by Boundary Television and accompanying reserve broadcast in 1987 and repeated in 1990. Churton’s research consist of critique of heresiologists perceptions for the function of ladies in these “unorthodox” Christian actions. He in addition has written on John T. Desaguliers, Rosicrucianism. Churton’s biography of Aleister Crowley premiered in 2011.