Tiffany Chung

Tiffany Chung
Da Nang, Vietnam
EducationUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Known forarchitecture
Notable work San Francisco, 1907 USGS map: the burned district, the city, and the principal conduits in the water supply system (2012)


Tiffany Chung (given birth to 1969) is a Vietnamese American multimedia designer located in Ho Chi Minh Town, Vietnam.


Tiffany Chung was created in Da Nang, Vietnam. She actually is regarded as area of the Vietnamese diaspora. Her family members emigrated to america following the Vietnam Battle. She studied artwork in California generating a Bachelor of Good Arts from California Condition University, Long Seaside and a Grasp of Good Arts in Studio room Art from your University or college of California, Santa Barbara. In 2000, she came back to Vietnam to determine her artwork practice and donate to the developing community of modern artists.She is most widely known on her behalf "embroidered canvas maps, cartographic drawings, video clips, performance function, and installations." Her artwork is usually held in the next public art selections: Orange Region Museum of Artwork, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Museum of Contemporary Artwork, Fukuoka Asian Artwork Museum (Fukuoka, Japan), Queensland MEMORIAL (Brisbane, Australia), Singapore Artwork Museum, as well as the Sharjah Art Basis, (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates).


Tiffany Chung's function spans both space and period representing a variety of urban areas at different occasions with time, sometimes simultaneously. She actually is known for the variety of her artwork practice, aswell as the deep analysis that informs each piece, as well as the vital lens put on socio-political issues.For the 7th Asian Pacific Triennal of Contemporary Art, Queensland MEMORIAL curator Angela Goddard noted about Chung:Chung's diverse oeuvre deploys the associative characteristics of conceptual artwork with a problem for pressing public issues, like the significant impact of issue, migration and environmental degradation. As opposed to functions by many modern Vietnamese performers who are discovering traumatic traditional narratives, Chung's function is refined and glossy, also often saccharine gorgeous, despite her politically-engaged strategy."This critical approach is perhaps most obviously in her cartographic art and her three-dimensional installation art. Based on the Sharjah Art Base:"Tiffany Chung’s cartographic and set up works examine issue, migration, urban improvement and transformation with regards to background and cultural storage. She explores the recovery and development of cities broken by battle or natural devastation, looking at both physical site as well as the psychological world of its inhabitants."On this issue of her cartographic artwork, artwork critic and curator Xiaoyu Weng has noted:"Often predicated on old urban programs and gridlike public surveys, Chung's stunning, abstracted maps foreground the cultural thoughts and histories particular to each area."

"Archaeology Project for Future Remembrance" (2013)

In 2013, Chung had another exhibition at Galerie Quynh in Hochiminh Town called "Archaeology Task for Long term Remembrance". This task reflects within the 657-hectare master-planned fresh urban region in Ho Chi Minh Town over Saigon river.

Six Lines of Flight (2012)

Chung was presented in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Museum of Art's Six Lines of Airline flight: Shifting Geographies in Modern Art, as you of several performers from six cities with "burgeoning artwork moments". The "Six Lines of Airline flight" depicts the map of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA in the entire year 1906. Relating to her, the 1906 open fire in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA is among the most significant 20th century occasions. A map represents not really a border for towns and different people, but a depiction of occasions that affect several people. These towns reflect the development of artwork in beyond the global centers of NEW YORK, Paris, London, or LA, and included Beirut, Lebanon, Cali; Cluj-Napoca, Ho Chi Minh Town, Tangier, and SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.

Stored in a jar: monsoon, drowning fish, color of water, and the floating world (2011)

In 2011, Chung was among 63 artists from 30 countries contained in the Singapore Biennale, entitled "Open Home". Her contribution, kept in a jar: monsoon, drowning seafood, color of drinking water, as well as the floating globe was a combined media-installation, "a small style of a floating city" based on moments of floating areas from the Mekong Delta and Srinagar, India, and Japan. Relating to Weng:Questioning and reassessing a failed utopian vision--the Arcology style motion, which aimed to reduce human effect on organic resources while allowing extremely high populace density--Chung proposes new means of adapting vernacular set ups to handle environmental issues also to reshape today's and potential global scenery."

Play (2008)

Play is an image series representing Vietnamese feminine learners and an anomalous "Bubble Shooter" on North Vietnamese streets, is featured in the reserve, Contemporary Picture taking in Asia. Based on the reserve: "Referencing pictures from the heroic functioning class within North Vietnamese socialist propaganda paintings, the Play series explores the improbable relationship between modern youth lifestyle and socialist ideology. Play tries to issue the relevancy of past ideology inside the framework of brand-new utopian visions and pop lifestyle obsessed youths. It examines the slippages between Vietnam's wartime rhetoric and its own present change towards consumer lifestyle."


In 2007, Chung co-founded the nonprofit art space S


2010, Art Issues Grant, NY, NY, USA 2011, Give, Japan Foundation Middle for Cultural Exchange, Japan and Vietnam 2013, Biennial Reward, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates