Terry Brown (record producer)

Terry Brown
GenresRock, Metal, Alternative, Blues, Progressive Rock
Occupation(s)Producer, Mixing Engineer
Years active1969-present
Associated actsRush, David Barrett Trio, The Eagles, Blue Rodeo, The Killjoys


Terry Dark brown is a Uk record producer involved with a number of function, but most noted for his participation using the Canadian rock-band Rush as well as the British pop rock-band Cutting Crew.


Terry Dark brown is described fondly from the music group Rush while "Broon" in the liner records for his or her albums. This nickname shows up in the name from the instrumental piece "Broon's Bane" using their live recording Exit...Stage Still left. Upon this same record, Geddy Lee jokingly presents the track "Jacob's Ladder" as having been compiled by "T. C. Broonsie", another mention of Dark brown and a pun around the name of Big Expenses Broonzy. He also shows up as the (uncredited) tone of voice from the hypnotist around the Dream Theater recording Metropolis Pt. 2: Moments from a Memory space.Brown in addition has engineered, produced or mixed a great many other performers, including Jimi Hendrix, Sonny and Cher, Kenny Rogers, Visitors, Joe Cocker, The Who, Hurry, Procol Harum, The Troggs, Manfred Mann, Marianne Faithfull, Spencer Davis Group, Donovan, Barbra Streisand, Blue Rodeo, Moist, Maximum Webster, Klaatu, Thundermug, Fates Caution, Lizzy Borden, Voivod, Ray Stevens, the Bonzo Doggie Music group, Motherlode, Dr. Music, Apr Wines, The Stampeders, Michel Pagliaro, Moe Koffman, Alannah Myles, B.B. Gabor, Cirque du Soleil, Desire Theatre, Lawrence Gowan, Tough Trade, The Killjoys, FM, Toronto, Ian Thomas, The Mummble Ducks, and Xmas.

Albums Terry Brown was involved with

Brown is a musician, saving supervisor, engineer, arranger, maker because the mid-1960s. Yr Artist Role Recording name 1971 Moe Koffman Engineer Moe Koffman Takes on Bach 1972 Moe Koffman Engineer The Four Months 1973 Moe Koffman Engineer Get better at Program 1974 Moe Koffman Engineer Solar Explorations 1975 Moe Koffman Engineer Live at George's 1975 Hurry Producer Soar by Night time 1975 Rush Maker Caress of Metal 1976 Rush Maker 2112 1976 Klaatu Maker 3:47 EST 1976 Utmost Webster Producer Utmost Webster 1976 Moe Koffman Engineer Jungle Guy 1977 Utmost Webster Producer TOP QUALITY in Borrowed Shoes or boots 1977 Klaatu Maker Hope 1977 Hurry Maker A Farewell to Kings 1978 Hurry Maker Hemispheres 1978 Klaatu Maker Sir Army Match 1978 Utmost Webster Maker Mutiny Up My Sleeve 1979 Utmost Webster Maker Live Magnetic Atmosphere 1980 Rush Maker Long term Waves 1981 Hurry Producer Moving Photos 1981 Rush Maker Exit...Stage Still left 1981 Max Webster Maker Diamonds Gemstones 1982 Rush Maker Indicators 1982 Lawrence Gowan Maker Gowan 1986 Slicing Crew Maker Broadcast 1987 Blue Rodeo Maker Outskirts 1987 Silent Working Producer Walk burning 1989 Lizzy Borden Maker Get better at Of Disguise 1991 Fates Caution Maker Parallels 1991 Voivod Maker Angel Rat 1991 The Kite Maker The Kite 1994 Moist Maker Silver precious metal 1997 Fates Caution Producer A NICE Shade of Grey 2000 Fates Caution Maker Disconnected 2004 Tiles Maker Windowpane Dressing 2005 Slicing Crew Maker Grinning Souls 2007 Puppet Display Producer Story of Woe 2008 Tiles Maker Travel Paper (2008) 2012 Tiles Combining Off the ground 01 2014 Blurred Eyesight Maker "Organized Insanity" 2014 Tiles Combining Off the ground 02 2016 Tiles Maker Pretending 2 Run