Temitope Aluko


Temitope “Tope” Aluko is a Nigerian politician, academics and past secretary from the Ekiti Condition chapter from the Individuals Democratic Party. He was chairman, Protection and Cleverness Committee of Ayodele Fayose Marketing campaign Company for the 21 June 2014 gubernatorial election where Ayodele Fayose surfaced as winner in every the sixteen municipality in the condition.

Election malpractice

On 31 January 2015, within a tv interview on Stations Television, he disclosed the way the June 2014 Ekiti Condition gubernatorial election was rigged and claimed to be engaged in the election malpractice. He stated that military workers and machinery had been utilized to rig the election. He mentioned that Goodluck Jonathan, previous Leader of Nigeria, provided a amount of $37m in money to control the election. He stated that the previous president provided the amount of $2m to Fayose in March 2015 for the principal election. He stated the amount of money was received in the treasury from the Nigerian Country wide Petroleum Corporation. The amount of money was used in Abuja before it had been finally transferred to Ekiti Condition.The confession led to criticism that Aluko must have raised an alarm before Fayose was confirmed as the executive governor of Ekiti Condition.


On 3 Feb 2016, the principle Magistrate, Soji Adegboye from the Ado Ekiti Magistrate Courtroom, ordered the instant arrest of Aluko for perjury on the motion Former mate parte quantity MAD/10 cm/2016, filed from the Ekiti STATE against Aluko as well as the Condition Commissioner of Police. The movement was produced pursuant to Section 117 from the Lawbreaker Code Law, Cover C16, regulation of Ekiti Condition 2012, Section 79 from the Ekiti Condition Administration of Offender Justice Laws 2014 and Section 23 (D) from the Magistrates’ Courts Laws 2014.