Tan Chung


Tan Chung (given birth to Apr 18, 1929, in Matubahar, Johor) can be an power on Chinese language history, Sino-Indian relationships and cultural exchange. Tan Chung is a doyen of Chinese language cultural research in India for pretty much half a hundred years. This year 2010, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan, the 3rd highest civilian honour with the Govt. of India as well as the China-India Camaraderie Award with the Chinese Top Wen Jiabao in the same season.


Tan Chung taught at Jawaharlal Nehru School (JNU) as well as the University or college of Delhi for quite some time. His dad, Tan Yunshan (1898-1983), was the Founding Movie director of the Division of ORIENTAL and Tradition "Cheena-Bhavana" at Visva-Bharati University or college, Santiniketan and an integral figure traveling Nationalist China's relationships using the Indian independence movement through the 1930s and 1940s. After Tan Chung's pension from JNU in 1994, he worked well as a study Teacher at Indira Gandhi Country wide Center for the Arts, New Delhi and presently lives in Chicago, USA. He continues to be Honorary Director from the ICS/Institute of Chinese language Research, New Delhi.A meeting in his honor, in the event of his 80th birthday, happened in New Delhi in Dec 2008.In June 2013, Yunnan Academy of Public Research conferred upon him the honorary Fellowship from the Academy.In Dec 2013, Visva-Bharati University conferred Deshikhottama (D. Litt and the best honor from the School) upon Teacher Tan Chung.