Talat Alp Altunbey


‹ The template Infobox golf ball biography has been considered for merging. › Talat Alp Altunbey (given birth to Might 5, 1994) is a Turkish professional golf ball player who takes on like a power forward for Banvit from the Turkish Golf ball League.

Professional career

Altunbey was created in Adana. He began playing golf ball in Adana Tofaş Çağ Spor Kulübü. He shifted to Banvit in '09 2009. He was loaned to TB2L group Music groupırma Kırmızı which may be the pilot membership of Banvit. He performed first TBL period in 2011–2012, with Music groupırma Kırmızı. In 2013, he transferred to Banvit initial group but he continuing to using Music groupırma Kırmızı until 2014 via dual licance.

Awards and accomplishments

Turkish national team

2010 Montenegro: 03 ! Bronze 2011 Poland: 03 ! Bronze 2014 Crete: 01 ! Gold