Tahir Aydoğdu


Tahir Aydoğdu (given birth to 1959) is a Turkish virtuoso qanun (kanun) participant, musician and lecturer. He’s observed for fusing jointly the qanun and Turkish traditional music with traditional western jazz and traditional music.

Early years

Aydoğdu was created in Istanbul in 1959. His music research began during senior high school years when he participated in lots of choruses. His dad Gültekin Aydoğdu was his instructor who was simply also a observed qanun participant at TRT Ankara Radio and conductor from the Turkish Fasıl Outfit. Aydoğdu is certainly a graduate from the Physics Section of the center East Technical School (METU) in Ankara.


After his research, Aydoğdu began his career like a qanun player in the TRT Ankara Radio Turkish Music Outfit, a posture which he has continuing. Aydoğdu is a member of other ensembles in his profession. He used the Turkish Music Outfit of the Condition Conservatory of Afyon Kocatepe University or college, with vocalist and bendir participant Timucin Cevikoglu. For eight years, Aydoğdu toured the united states, European countries and Asia with the present day Folk Trio (Contemporary Folk Üçlüsü), representing Turkey. This is accompanied by his association with Asiaminor Jazz Outfit. This required Aydoğdu on trips more than a 10-12 months period on musical programs and lectures throughout a 10-12 months tour of European countries and the united states. In 1999, he founded his personal "Outfit Ancyra", with the aim of presenting numerous types of music from the world such as for example jazz as well as others.Aydoğdu participated in a number of functions of orchestra, dance and music, in lots of the ballet shows like “Ali Baba & 40 Kharamies” (Ankara Condition Ballet & Opera Orchestra), Turgay Erdener's ballet "Afife" (Presidential Symphony Orchestra) and "Harem" (music set up). On his recording entitled Hasret he documented a edition of jazz pianist Dave Brubeck's "Consider Five". He's mentioned for his rendition of Ferid Alnar's "Kanun Concerto", which hardly any musicians have the ability to perform.In Apr 2008, Aydoğdu played in the Boston Turkish Film and Music Festival with Ara Dinkjian on oud, Ismail Lumanovski on clarinet, and Seido Salifoski on percussion/darbuka.Aydoğdu has lectured on music in Hochschule für Musik, Theatre und Medien Hannover, Kyrenia, METU, Selçuk University or college, and Gazi University or college. He received the gratitude prize from your Senate of METU (2001), and it is a member from the Budapest-based Globe Cymbalom Association. His accomplishments are a subject matter of master's level in the Turkish Music Conservatory from the Ege University or college.

Music CD/Video releases

His music Compact disc/video produces are: "Along the road” (Vienna 1991) “Longanova” (Ankara 1997) “Kitty’s Wish” (Ankara 1998) “Yahya Kemal in the music of Cinuçen Tanrıkorur” using the oud composer; “Balkanataolia” using the jazz vocalist Yıldız İbrahimova; “From Sufi to Flamenco” using the Dutch guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel; “Afife” Turkish Ballet (2000) “Ferid Alnar”