Susan Carroll

Susan Carol Cute Coppula
BornSusan Carol Cute
1952 (age 64-65)
Pen nameSusan Carroll
Susan Coppula
Serena Richards
Period1986 - present


Susan Coppula, née Susan Carol Cute (given birth to 1952) can be an award-winning American author of romance books under her pencil brands, Susan Carroll and Serena Richards since 1986.

Given birth to Susan Carol Cute in 1952, Susan Coppula obtained a qualification in British with complementary research ever sold in the University or college of Indiana. Since 1986, Susan offers released books under three different pseudonyms: Susan Carroll, Susan Coppula, and Serena Richards. Susan lives in Rock and roll Island, Illinois.


The Sugars Rose: 1988 Rita Awards Best Book winner Brighton Street: 1989 Rita Awards Best Book winner The Bride-to-be Finder: 1999 Rita Awards Best Book winner


As Susan Carroll

Stand alone books THE GIRL Who Hated Shakespeare, 1986/Zero The Sugars Rose, 1987/Jul Brighton Street, 1988/Oct The Bishop's Girl, 1990/Sep The Wooing of Miss Experts, 1991/Sep Mistress Mischief, 1992/Jul Xmas Belles, 1992/Sep Miss Prentiss as well as the Yankee, 1993/Nov The ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION Ball, 1993/December Black Ribbons and Linen, 1994/Fev Like Power, 1994/Aug The Painted Veil, 1995/Aug Parker as well as the Gypsy, 1997/Sep St. Leger Family members Saga Series The Bride-to-be Finder, 1998/Sep THE NIGHT TIME Drifter, 1999/Sep Midnight Bride-to-be (originally entitled Valentine's Bride-to-be), 2001/Apr The Dark Queen Saga The Dark Queen, 2005/Mar series 1 The Courtesan, 2005/Jul The Metallic Rose, 2006/Mar The Huntress, 2007/Jul Twilight of the Queen, 2009/Jul THE GIRL of Secrets, 2012/December Omnibus Brighton Street / The Sugars Rose, 1994/Jun

As Susan Coppula

Winter season Macy Series Winterbourne, 1987/Mar Tones of winter season, 1988 Single books Avenging Angel, 1991

As Serena Richards

Solitary novels Masquerade, 1989 Escapade, 1991 Rendezvous, 1991

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