Sun Hwan Chung

Sun Hwan Chung
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Sun Hwan Chung
10th Dan Taekwondo Grandmaster
Born(1940-05-06)May 6, 1940
Hiroshima, Japan
ResidenceUnited States
StyleMoo Sool Do:
Taekwondo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do,
Moo Sool Gi, Ki Gon
Teacher(s)Hwang Kee, Founder of Moo Duk Kwan
Rank     10th dan (honorary)
Moo Sool Do (Martial Arts United)
     9th dan Taekwondo
     9th dan Tang Soo Do
(Moo Duk Kwan)
     9th dan Hapkido
(Korea Hapkido Association)
OccupationMartial artist


Sunlight Hwan Chung (given birth to Might 6, 1940), also called James Sunlight Hwan Chung, is among the highest-ranking taekwondo grandmasters in the globe. He is creator from the Moo Sool Perform (FIGHTING TECHINQUES United) type of martial arts and it is president from the Globe Academy of FIGHTING TECHINQUES, LLC.

Early life and the Moo Duk Kwan

Sunlight Hwan Chung was created in Hiroshima, Japan and emigrated as a kid to Korea. He started trained in the fighting techinques when he was eight years of age under Moo Duk Kwan founder Hwang Kee, and teachers Chang Youthful Chong (dan #15), Jong Soo Hong (dan #16), and Jae Joon Kim (dan #38). <3He earned his initial "dark" belt (actually midnight blue) from Hwang Kee at age group eleven. For 3 years (1963-1965) Chung won the Korean Tae Kwon Perform Country wide Championships. In 1966, he earned the Asian Tournament. From 1965 to 1968, Chung maintained Hwang Kee’s primary schooling dojang, located near Seoul Place (Jong Gu portion of Dongja-dong) in downtown Seoul, Korea. Chung became experienced in several fighting techinques, learning Tang Soo Perform, Hapkido, and Taekwondo. He developed among the important poomse schooling forms for Tang Soo Perform; Kicho Hyeong Sa Bu (Simple Form 4) aswell as many others particular to Moo Sool Perform.Through the 1960s, he was a fighting techinques overcome instructor for the Korean military and active responsibility United States troops in Vietnam. Furthermore, he was a self-defense trainer towards the Korean civilian police and provided protection providers for the Korean nationwide railroad system.

Among the earliest U.S. masters

Chung was sent by Hwang Kee, in the next influx of Korean fighting techinques masters, to america on June 18, 1970. His American sponsor was Dale Drouillard, the 1st American to become named a Cho Dan by Hwang. As a fresh arrival to america, Chung instructed at (Jae Joon) Kim’s Karate College in Grand River, Michigan. As representative of the dojang, he journeyed the united states and sparred with early legends Mariano Estioko (the next American to become Cho Dan in the Moo Duk Kwan), David Praim, Russell Hanke, Pat E. Johnson, and a huge selection of others, without dropping a match. Furthermore to creating a huge reputation worldwide like a ruthless fighter, Chung obtained renown for his mental toughness, frequently performing demonstrations such as for example lifting huge buckets of drinking water using fine needles pierced in his hands and throat - while sitting on damaged cup, or having an automobile travel onto his upper body. As his status grew, he obtained many friendships with fighting techinques pioneers in america through the 1970s, including Sang Kyu Shim, Kang Uk Lee, Bong Soo Han, Jhoon Rhee, Mike Rock, and Chuck Norris.

Development of the system

In Dec 1970, Chung moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan where he opened up a dojang, teaching his very own form of blended fighting techinques - combining Taekwondo, Tang Soo Carry out, Hapkido, Moo Sool Gi, and Ki Gon - entitled Moo Sool Carry out (FIGHTING TECHINQUES United). He provides authored and released several schooling books in the Moo Sool Perform system, and provides continued to instruct in Kalamazoo, aswell as through various other satellite television dojangs, for a lot more than forty years.Chung was the initial grandmaster to introduce taekwondo to Bermuda in the first 1980s, through one of is own learners, David Avery. Furthermore, Chung shows Moo Sool Perform fighting techinques physical education classes at both Traditional western Michigan College or university and Kalamazoo University.He has served while president from the Michigan Tae Kwon Carry out Association, as a qualified (Level 1) International Referee with both Globe Taekwondo Federation and america Taekwondo Union, so that as a member from the U.S.A.T. (Olympic Country wide Governing Body) FIGHTING TECHINQUES Commission. He in addition has been named Expert Instructor of the entire year several times from the Skillet American Moo Duk Kwan Culture. Among the highest-ranking dark belts in america, Chung was chosen to serve within the tests -panel and present Chuck Norris along with his 9th dan dark belt. He founded and offers sponsored for 25 years, the Michigan Glass International FIGHTING TECHINQUES Championships, a competitive forms and sparring competition held yearly in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Awards and honors

1984 - Offered the "Keys To THE TOWN Of Miami, Florida" by Mayor Maurice Ferre, in recognition of his contributions towards the fighting techinques. 1993 - 9th dan Grandmaster qualification Kukkiwon - Globe Taekwondo Federation. 2000 - 9th dan Grandmaster qualification Tang Soo Perform - Moo Duk Kwan. 2003 - 9th dan Grandmaster qualification Korea Hapkido Federation. 2007 - Enshrined in the Taekwondo Hall of Popularity. 2008 - Preferred towards the Kukkiwon Advisory Council by company President Dr. El Yong Kim. 2009 - Awarded the Excellent Educational Leadership Prize (Hall of Popularity) by FIGHTING TECHINQUES Globe. 2010 - Inducted in to the U.S. Taekwondo Grandmasters Hall of Popularity for Lifetime Accomplishment. 2013 - Honorary 10th dan - Moo Sool Perform (FIGHTING TECHINQUES United).