Sonia Antinori


Sonia Antinori (given birth to in Viareggio on 23 Apr 1963) can be an award-winning Italian playwright, celebrity, theater movie director and translator. She’s studied visible arts, theatre and ballet, and graduated through the College or university of Florence. Since 1990, she’s been employed in Italy and far away abroad. Her performs have been shown at several celebrations and theaters, broadcast and translated into, amongst others, German, British, French, Spanish, Polish, Bosnian, Turkish.


In 1998 she took part in The Colors from the Chameleon, a home project in the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh with her one act play Dark (directed by Nick Bone tissue). In 1999 Sonia was asked with the International Playwriting Celebration on the Warehouse in East Croydon, where Brennan Road aimed her Castle of Dirt. She was asked to be a part of various worldwide workshops and presentations (Kulturforum Graz 1996, Celebration Theaterformen Braunschweig 2000, School of Mainz 2001).She's translated several plays from German and British into Italian (Arthur Schnitzler, Frank Wedekind,


Her takes on include L'Ospite (1993), Maria Maddalena, Il single dorme (1995), Il contagio, Berlinbabylon, Il castello di fango (Castle of Dirt) (1997), Nel tempo insolito (Unusual period) (1998), Nietzsche. La danza sull’abisso (2000), Trebus o il fenomeno dell’ombra (2002), Rosa la Rossa (2003), La Controra, Matakiterangi (Occhi che guardano il cielo), La Global Comedia (2005), Terra di Mezzanotte (2006), L’astratto principio della speranza (2007), Werther Task, Buio (2010). Her functions also include books and short tales. Her works have already been imprinted by several web publishers. In 2012 Titivillus released her first assortment of takes on: 4. Trame agli angoli della Storia. In 2013 she initiated Smart (Workshop Identification: a tale about European countries), a Western Task of Testimonial Theater about Politics and Democracy, creating a collective modular dramaturgy (Politics trained to my grandchildren – a Western Bildungsroman) which includes been offered in the task’s four partner countries (Italy, Germany, UK, Poland).