Shintarō Arakawa

Shintarō Arakawa
Arakawa Shintaro 2013.jpg
Arakawa at the International Tangut Encoding Conference in Beijing, December 2013
BornMay 1971
Alma materKyoto University
Known forStudy of Tangut language


Shintarō Arakawa (荒川 慎太郎, Arakawa Shintarō, given birth to May 1971) is usually a Japanese linguist who is an expert in the analysis from the extinct Tangut vocabulary.

Arakawa graduated from your Faculty of Characters at Kyoto University or college in 1995. He remained on for graduate research at Kyoto University or college, from where he received his doctorate in 2002. Since 2003 he continues to be teaching at Tokyo University or college of Foreign Research, with the positioning of associate teacher since 2007.Arakawa specialises in the analysis from the Tangut vocabulary, specifically Tangut phonology as well as the reconstruction from the pronunciation of Tangut characters. In 2006 he co-edited a Tangut-Russian-English-Chinese dictionary with Evgenij Ivanovich Kychanov, that he offered the reconstructed Tangut readings. He in addition has published several research of bilingual Tangut-Tibetan text messages.In 2016 Arakawa received the exclusive 金田一京助博士記念賞 award for his research from the Tangut version from the Gemstone Sutra.


1997. "Seikago tsūin jiten" 西夏語通韻