Shimon Adaf

Shimon Adaf
Born1972 Edit this on Wikidata
AwardsSapir Prize for Literature Edit this on Wikidata


Shimon Adaf (Hebrew: שמעון אדף‎‎, given birth to 1972) can be an Israeli poet and writer given birth to in Sderot.

Shimon Adaf's 1st publication of poetry, Icarus' Monologue, received a prize through the Israeli Ministry of Education. In 1996–2000, Adaf researched at Tel Aviv College or university, simultaneously writing and submitting articles on books, film and rock and roll music for Israeli papers. In 2000–2005, he worked well like a prose editor for Keter Posting House.In 2013, he received Israel's renowned Sapir Prize for his novel "Mox Nox."



Icarus' Monologue, 1997 What THAT I Idea Shadow May be the True Body, 2002 Aviva-No, 2009


(All titles provided in approximate British translation) One Mile and Two Times Before Sunset, 2004 The Buried Heart, 2007 Sunburnt Encounters, 2008 Frost, 2010 Mox Nox, 2011 Undercities, 2012 THE MARRIAGE Presents, 2014 Detective's Issue, 2015


Artwork and War, 2016 (with Lavie Tidhar)