Shabana Bakhsh


Shabana Akhtar Bakhsh (given birth to 1981) is a Scottish celebrity of Pakistani descent that has appeared in soaps such as for example River Town and Doctors. Her latest and best-known function is within Waterloo Street starring as Jasmine Koreshi.

Shabana Akhtar Bakhsh made her performing debut in River Town as Zara Malik, who moved to Aberdeen. Her parents are of Pakistani source. She continued to surface in Ken Loach's Ae Fond Kiss. She became a normal in Doctors as Tasha Verma, who's also a previous character. She made an appearance in Waterloo Street as newly experienced English instructor Jasmine Koreshi. She presently lives in Glasgow. In '09 2009 travelled around Scottish academic institutions with TAG theater firm in the creation "Yellow Moon", a play by David Greig, where she has the type Silent Leila.She's been an outspoken critic from the BBC, saying they are afraid to create for cultural minorities. She's also campaigned for women's privileges in the Asian community.


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