Seno Gumira Ajidarma


Seno Gumira Ajidarma (given birth to June 19, 1958 in Boston, Massachusetts) can be an Indonesian writer of brief tales, essays, and film scripts. He’s also called a journalist, professional photographer and lecturer. He earned the 1997 S.E.A. Write Prize (Southeast Asian Authors Award). A few of his well-known brief tales are Manusia Kamar (1988), Penembak Misterius (1993), Saksi Mata (1994), Dilarang Menyanyi di Kamar Mandi (1995), Sebuah Pertanyaan untuk Cinta (1996) and Iblis Tidak Pernah Mati (1999). Seno continues to be writing fiction because the age group of 16 and began functioning being a journalist when he was 19. He provides published a lot more than 30 books because the 1980s when he surfaced being a prominent brief story article writer in the genre referred to as sastra koran (paper literature). Seno’s short tales often both record everyday routine and criticize modern cultural, cultural and political circumstances. He is a constant advocate of free of charge speech and independence of publication, authoring sensitive problems, including military assault in East Timor in the tales of Eyewitness and in his 1996 book, Jazz, Parfum dan Insiden (Jazz, Perfume and an Occurrence). Other subject material provides included the so-called “secret killings” in East Java in the first 1980s, and instability in Aceh. Seno’s credo is “When journalism is silenced, literature have to speak. Because while journalism talks with facts, books talks with truth.” His writing designs are varied, from reportage and realism to illusion. When asked in 2001 whether he’s a journalist, a brief story article writer, a poet or a politics commentator, and about whether his function can be surrealism, magic realism, illusion or postmodern journalism, he stated simply, ‘Contact it whatever you desire. It’s what I really do.’ In 2014, he launched a blog page called PanaJournal that has human interest tales along with various journalists and conversation professionals.


South East Asia(Ocean)Write Prize /1997 Dinny O’Hearn Award for Literary Translation([1997] / Eyewitness (brief tales) Penghargaan Pusat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa 1997/Dilarang Menyanyi di Kamar Mandi (brief tales) Hadiah Sastra 1997 / Negeri Kabut (brief tales) Khatulistiwa Literary Prize (2004 / Negeri Senja (book) & 2005/ Kitab Omong Kosong (book) Anugerah Pena Kencana 2008/ Cinta di Atas Perahu Cadik (brief tale) Kompas Daily Greatest Short Story Honor (1993/Pelajaran Mengarang, 2007/Cinta di Atas Perahu Cadik, 2010/Dodolitdodolitdodolibret)

Major works

Short Tales Compilations Dunia Sukab Penembak Misterius Negeri Kabut (Nation of Mist) Matinya Seorang Penari Telanjang Iblis Tidak Pernah Mati Atas Nama Malam Aku Kesepian Sayang, Datanglah menjelang Kematian Kematian Donny Osmond Dilarang Menyanyi di Kamar Mandi (Don't Sing in the toilet) Saksi Mata Sebuah Pertanyaan Untuk Cinta LinguaeBooks Jazz, Parfum dan Insiden Negeri Senja Biola Tak Berdawai Kitab Omong Kosong Kalatidha Wisanggeni Sang Buronan Nagabumi We & IInonfiction Ketika Jurnalisme Dibungkam Sastra Harus Bicara Layar Kata Kisah Mata Surat Dari Palmerah Sembilan Wali dan Syekh Siti Jenar Panji Tengkorak: Kebudayaan dalam Perbincangan