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Sandra (Sandy) Chung is a linguist and teacher in the Section of Linguistics on the College or university of California, Santa Cruz and a history president from the Linguistic Culture of America. She gained her A.B. and Ph.D. at Harvard College or university, where her dissertation was in the comparative syntax of Polynesian dialects. At UC Santa Cruz, she offered as chair from the Linguistics Section (1994–97, 2013-16), seat of the Idea Section (2002–04), and Faculty Helper to the Professional Vice Chancellor (2004–11). Chung has made main efforts to syntax also to semantics, and her function is known because of its mix of theoretical acuity with focus on linguistic details and major fieldwork. A lot of her data originates from her very own use Chamorro audio speakers both in the continental U.S. and in Saipan. Perhaps most obviously is her focus on sluicing and on wh-agreement (where she exhibited that Chamorro displays overt morphological indicators of Wh-movement). In 2007, Chung was determined like a Fellow from the Linguistic Culture of America. She was asked to provide a plenary lecture in the annual conference in 2008, where she spoke about merging main (including documentary) study on understudied dialects with theoretical linguistics, arguing these two frequently competing passions can and really should look for a congenial home collectively. She’s also done Māori. Based on Māori and Chamorro, she and William Ladusaw argued in Limitation and Saturation[3] (MIT Press, 2003) that the quantity and sort of semantic combinatoric procedures must be extended beyond the typically assumed function software and abstraction. Her additional theoretical work offers resolved topics in contract, predicate-initial word purchases, wh-movement, and ellipsis (specifically sluicing), among numerous others. Chung served mainly because President from the Linguistic Culture of America from January 2011 to January 2012.

Books by Chung

2006. Estreyas Marianas: Chamorro. Tinige': Joaquin Flores Borja, Manuel Flores Borja, yan Sandra Chung. Saipan, CNMI: Estreyas Marianas Magazines. 145 web pages. 2003. (co-authored with William A. Ladusaw) Limitation and Saturation. Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 42. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. xiv + 173 web pages. 1998. THE LOOK of Contract: Proof from Chamorro. Chicago and London: The School of Chicago Press. xii + 423 web pages. (paperback model, 2000) 1978. Case Marking and Grammatical Relationships in Polynesian. Austin, TX: School of Tx Press. 401 web pages.

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^ 'How Much May Understudied Languages Actually Tell Us ABOUT HOW EXACTLY Language Functions?' Invited plenary lecture, 2008 Annual Achieving from the Linguistic Culture of America.[1] ^ "Chung and Ladusaw propose and motivate a genuine and elegant means to fix a longstanding issue in syntactic-semantic structure: how to approach mixtures that are neither function-argument software nor function structure. The fruit of the cooperation between two main analysts in the syntax and semantics of organic language, this research could have a enduring effect on the field." Emmon Bach, College or university of Massachusetts Amherst, and SOAS, College or university of London [2] ^ "Presidents--Linguistic Culture of American". Retrieved Feb 15, 2015.