Sami Aldeeb


Sami Awad Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh (in Arabic: سامي عوض ألذيب أبو ساحلية / Sāmy ʿwḍ ʾĀd-dyb ʾĀbw-Sāḥlyh) (given birth to Sept 5, 1949 in Zababdeh, close to Jenin in the Western Lender) is a Palestinian-Christian attorney with Swiss citizenship. Aldeeb was the top from the Arab and Islamic Legislation department in the Swiss Institute of Comparative Legislation from 1980 to 2009. He right now directs the guts of Arab and Islamic legislation and shows at various colleges in Switzerland, France and Italy. He is the writer of several books and content articles on Arab and Islamic legislation. In 2008 he released a bilingual release from the Quran (Arabic – French) classifying the chapters (suras) in chronological purchase relating to Al-Azhar, with regards to variants, abrogations and Jewish and Christian writings . He’s currently preparing an identical release in Italian and British. He also translated the Swiss constitution into Arabic for the Swiss Confederation.

Born to a family group of Christian peasants, in Zababdeh, close to Jenin, he attended primary college in his community (1956–61) before signing up for the Small Seminary from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Beit-Jala, close to Bethlehem (1961–65). Four years afterwards he left to wait a training course in tailoring on the Salesian Techie College of Bethlehem (1965–1968), and proved helpful in the tailoring trade in Jenin while, at exactly the same time, doing work for the International Committee from the Crimson Combination. In 1970 he immatriculated at Jenin being a self-taught pupil, and thereafter attained a scholarship in the l'Œuvre Saint-Justin in Fribourg, to review in Switzerland. In Apr 1974, he received his Laws degree in the School of Fribourg cum laude, and went on to review for the doctorate of Laws and regulations at the School of Fribourg and signed up for the Graduate Institute of International Research at Geneva to concurrently research for an Honours level in Political Research. He was honored a qualification with Honours in the Graduate Institute at Geneva in January 1976, His dissertation was entitled: "THE PROPER of individuals to sovereignty, analytic research from the Marxist-Leninist theory as well as the soviet placement" .Exploring for his doctoral thesis, he spent a calendar year in Egypt. He defended his thesis: "The influence of religion over the legal purchase, case of Egypt, non-Muslims within an Islamic nation" in Dec 1978 in the Faculty of Regulation in Fribourg, getting the differentiation summa cum laude. His graduation occurred following the publication of his thesis on 14 November 1979. During his research he received a give from l'Œuvre Saint-Justin in Fribourg (1970–1977) and a give through the Swiss Confederation (1977–1979). During his stay static in Egypt (1976–77), he interviewed forty Egyptian personalities. He intends to create these interviews soon. He was a federal government civil servant in the Swiss Institute of Comparative Regulation in Lausanne from 1 November 1980 to 31 Dec 2009, going the Division of Arab and Islamic regulation. Within his responsibilities, he wrote a huge selection of legal views for Swiss and international regulators, for courts, attorneys, enterprises aswell as for personal people in the areas of family regulation, inheritance, criminal regulation and commercial regulation. Throughout his moves in Arab countries, he developed the most extensive collection of functions on Arab and Muslim Regulation in Western European countries for the Swiss Institute of Comparative Regulation. During his function for the Swiss Confederation, he journeyed to the next countries, to be able to buy books also to preserve contacts with regulation schools and study centers: Morocco (4 instances), Algeria (double), Tunisia (5 instances), Libya (three times), Egypt (9 instances), Sudan (once), Jordan (4 instances), Lebanon (double), Syria (three times), Iraq (once), Iran (once), Bahrain (double), Kuwait (double), United Arab Emirates (double), Oman (double), Palestine / Israel (7 instances), South Yemen (once), North Yemen (double), Qatar (once), Saudi Arabia (double). IN-MAY 2009, he opened up his own Middle of Arab and Islamic regulation, offering the next solutions: legal consultations, meetings, translations, study and courses regarding Arab and Islamic Regulation, and the connection between Muslims as well as the Western world, assistance for learners and research workers. On June 29, 2009, he received his Habilitation to supervise analysis (HDR) in the School of Bordeaux. In Feb 2010, he experienced as a School Professor, granted with the CNU, in areas 1 (personal laws) and 15 (Arabic). He was naturalized being a Swiss resident on, may 11, 1984. Sami Aldeeb is normally wedded with two daughters.

Teaching and Conferences

Sami Aldeeb taught Arab and Islamic Legislation in various Colleges; Institute of Cannon Legislation of Strasbourg (1985–1991), Faculty of Legislation and Political Technology of Aix-en-Provence (since 2005), Faculty of Legislation of Palermo (since 2007), CERISDI of Palermo (since 2007), International Faculty of Comparative Legislation in Strasbourg (since 2007), Faculty of Legislation of Trento (since 2010), Faculty of Legislation of Cergy-Pontoise (since 2010), Faculty of Legislation of Grenoble (since 2010), Faculty of Theology of Lugano (since 2011). He in addition has given a huge selection of lectures in various countries. The list are available in his Cv.


November 15, 1981: Vigener Award from the Faculty of Rules of Fribourg for his doctoral thesis. November 21, 2009: Elected Academician of "Studium - Accademia di Casale Monferrato e per l'Arte del, the Letteratura the Storia, the e Scienze the Umanit


Sami Aldeeb is a prolific writer. His magazines contain about thirty books and a lot more than 200 content on Arab and Islamic Rules, in different dialects, the list are available in his Cv. A few of his magazines are for sale to free of charge on his website: and on This is actually the set of his books: Le droit des peuples