Sam Chachoua


Samir “Sam” Chachoua can be an Australian alternate medicine specialist, trained like a medical doctor. He’s not actively certified to practice medication in Australia or america. Chachoua offers remedies in Mexico that he statements to work alternate medication vaccine therapies for malignancy and HIV, among additional diseases. His statements lack medical support, and so are disputed by physicians.


Chachoua's remedies depend on ideas he has called, including "Induced Remission Therapy" and "The Nemesis Theory", we.e. "for each and every disease there can be an anti-disease organism with the capacity of destroying it and repairing health".For treatment of HIV, Chachoua vaccinates individuals with Caprine arthritis encephalitis disease, which may cross-react immunologically with HIV. He statements to possess eradicated HIV from the country of Comoros in 2006. This state continues to be refuted by Savlator Niyonzima, the UNAIDS nation movie director of Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, and Seychelles. By 2012, the adult HIV prevalence in Comoros was 2.1%, greater than the global prevalence of HIV in adults at 0.8%.


In 1997, Chachoua submitted a lawsuit in the LA US District Courtroom against Cedars-Sinai INFIRMARY. Chachoua mentioned that he previously distributed his cell civilizations with them, but following the results have been released, the infirmary claimed both material as well as the credit. The just issues that managed to get to trial had been Chachoa's promises of breach of agreement and of a conspiracy to defame him. Although Chachoua prevailed on his breach of agreement state, the trial courtroom decreased the verdict to $11,250, the total amount Chachoua had payed for the examining of his examples, and provided Chachoua the decision of agreeing to that quantity or a fresh trial in the breach of agreement state. Chachoua requested a fresh trial. The lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Margaret M. Morrow on November 13, 2001, because of Chachoua's “background of frequently disobeying court purchases and vacation resort to additional dilatory techniques” and his “design of misconduct [that] spanned the tenures of a number of different lawyers.” Chachoua was later on successfully sued by one of is own attorneys for unpaid legal charges and costs, losing a counterclaim where he accused her of legal malpractice.

Charlie Sheen

In an bout of The Dr. Oz Present taped in past due 2015 and shown January 12, 2016, Charlie Sheen stated he previously been receiving substitute treatment for HIV in Mexico from Chachoua, proclaiming "I'm [sic] been off my meds for approximately a week today"; regarding to his supervisor, however, following the event was taped he resumed acquiring his medications.Throughout his treatment of Sheen, Chachoua claims that he injected himself with Sheen's blood. Sheen provides mentioned that Chachoua may possess turned the needle before injecting himself with bloodstream. Chachoua has stated that his remedies rendered Sheen HIV adverse, even though Sheen is still HIV positive. Sheen provides stated that Chachoua unlawfully implemented treatments in america, where he's not licensed to apply medicine.