Rudolf Berghammer


Rudolf Berghammer (given birth to 1952 in Oberndorf, Germany) is a German pc scientist who functions also in mathematics.


Berghammer began monitoring Mathematics in 1973 in TU München. His educational teachers had been Friedrich L. Bauer, Klaus Samelson, Gottfried Tinhofer, and Gunther Schmidt. After obtaining his diploma in 1979, he began operating as an associate primarily to Friedrich L. Bauer at TU München where he acquired his award-winning Ph.D. in 1984. From 1988 on, he worked well as an associate to Gunther Schmidt in the Faculty for Pc Science from the Universität der Bundeswehr München, where he finally got his habilitation in 1990.


Rudolf Berghammer is well known for his focus on Relational Strategies in Computer Research and on Relational Mathematics, not least manifested in the RelVIEW program. He served for a long period as head from the steering committee from the worldwide RAMiCS meeting series (previously termed RelMiCS).


One of is own interests is mountaineering, in younger years he climbed important summits such as for example Ortler or Piz Bernina.

Written books

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