Rüdiger Bartelmus


Rüdiger Bartelmus (given birth to 8 January 1944, Aš, Czech Republic) is a Czech-born German theologian and a teacher in the Institute of Aged Testament Research and Biblical Archaeology from the University or college of Kiel.


Bartelmus studied in Munich, Erlangen, Heidelberg, and Züwealthy in Protestant and Catholic theology and school of thought. In 1969 he transferred the Initial Theological Exam therefore passed the entry evaluation in the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral in Bavaria. From 1969 to 1974, he worked being a religious beliefs teacher at several academic institutions in Munich. Just a year afterwards, he was inducted in to the countries' Council of Evangelical Lutheran Churches. He's a parson beneath the Landeskirche from the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral in Bavaria.From 1974 to 1976, Bartelmus worked as an editor of Hebrew on the Protestant Theological. He was element of Faculty on the Ludwig Maximilian School of Munich in 1976 using a doctorate and, with Teacher Klaus Baltzer (de), a doctorate in theology. From 1977 to 1993, he was a Mature Researcher for Dialects of the Aged Testament on the Protestant Theological. Furthermore, he supervised the Aged Testament schooling of student instructors without classical vocabulary abilities at the same place. In 1982, he received his habilitation to Dr. theol. habil., the teaching certification for the topic "Aged Testament".From 1982 to 1989 he worked being a lecturer. From 1993 to 1995, he taught at the same place as teacher of Aged Testament and Biblical Oriental dialects. In 1995 he was appointed as the teacher of the Aged Testament on the Theological Faculty from the School of Kiel.Furthermore to his theological function, Bartelmus is a professional high-tour guide from the German Alpine Membership. For quite some time, he was a hill guides for the mountaineering school. He's married and may be the dad of six kids.