Rosie Beaton


Rosie Beaton can be an Australian radio announcer, most widely known for her just work at Australian youngsters radio train station Triple J.

Radio career

In 2001, Beaton was appointed host of Triple J's evening music program Super Request which aired weekdays at 6pm. Previously, Beaton co-hosted the web 50 plan with Justin Wilcomes on its debut in 1999.Rosie also hosts Billboard on Qantas' Q Radio plan Billboard, this is heard while traveling on Qantas. Beaton changed Mike Hammond.In Dec 2011, Beaton resigned from Super Request to consider brand-new opportunities. Rosie provided her last Super Demand present on 9 Dec live in the School of Sydney's Manning Club in Sydney, though will end up being time for Triple J in a fresh capability in 2012.From March 2012 Rosie is functioning being a presenter on triple j unearthed digital radio, interviewing young bands that feature on from Tues-Fridays in 4pm-6pm while her own radio display, presented and made by RosieRosie Beaton occasionally fills in while Evenings radio presenter with Sydney ABC radio train station 2BL 702.As of Dec 2014 Rosie still left the ABC.

TV career

Beaton in addition has occasionally appeared on Take flight Television and other ABC Television shows.From 2006 she also hosts triple j tv Sunday within the ABC, which broadcasts the music video clips towards the 20 most requested tracks from Super Request through the prior week.Rosie occasionally appears on various displays on Foxtel - `The Playlist and Mars Venus'As of Feb 2012, Rosie is a normal visitor on Network Ten's Breakfast time. Pursuing Breakfast's axing in November 2012, Rosie is currently a regular within the Project.