Roman Chytilek


Roman Chytilek (given birth to 24 Feb 1976) is a Czech correspondence chess grandmaster, currently Zero.1 of International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) ranking list and champion from the 16th Olympiad (using the group Czech Republic).

Personal life

Chytilek keeps a Ph.D. in politics science and presently works as a co-employee Teacher and a Vice-Dean of Sociable Studies within the Masaryk University or college in Brno, Czech Republic. His field of expertise includes party systems, electoral systems, experimental politics science and video game theory. Chytilek also wants competitive debates. He compared immediate election of Czech Chief executive and received a argument against upcoming Czech Chief executive Miloš Zeman who backed the expenses, in Dec 2011.

Over the board chess

Chytilek has obtained his FIDE international get better at name in 2001. During his junior years, he got part in Western european Junior tournament in Siofok, Hungary, having a 5.5/11 score. Today, he rarely participates at specific tournaments, last significant performance continues to be 4-7th place at Leiden Open up (Netherlands). Chytilek in addition has been energetic in Czech group little league, playing 1996-1997 for Tatran Havřsnow, in 1999-2012 for

Correspondence chess

International Grasp since 2000, Senior International Grasp since 2002, Grandmaster since 2004.His best achievements include: winner from the Itzhak Veinger Invitational Competition (2002-2006), 2nd in Simon Webb (2007-2009), František Batík (2003-2006) and Maximo Portela (2001-2006) Memorial Invitational Competitions.He has won Interzonal group tournament with group European countries 1 (2000-2003), found bronze with Czech Rep. in the Western Team tournament (1999-2004), behind Germany and Lithuania) and Metallic in 12th Olympiad (2004-2009, behind Germany). Chytilek accomplished his highest ranking of 2693 this year 2010, currently ranked 2685 = 1st put on ICCF ratings (since January 2015). He offers performed 127 ICCF video games since 1999, received 56, drew 67, dropped 4 (efficiency 70,5%).He also participated in a number of computer assisted competitions. In 2006, he was asked by Jiri Dufek towards the 4th PAL/CSS Freestyle Last Tournament, kept on Rather remarkably, their group, Xakru, won the function, after finishing just 10th in the initial round.Chytilek himself explained his deeply analytical design as a combined mix of nonroutine usage of chess motors and regular goal at exploitation from the weaknesses of his competitors, resulting in a nontrivial solutions in the critical circumstances - a look at his fellow grandmasters in the ICCF have already been often sharing on the subject of him.

Heemsoth Memorial and 16th Olympiad

The Heemsoth Memorial was an invitational tournament organized from the German Correspondence chess federation, played in memory of German grandmaster Hermann Heemsoth, who died in 2006 at age 96. The function began on 20 January 2008 with 17 players. With the average ranking of 2633, the competition was the most powerful invitational correspondence chess event of most times. Four previous correspondence chess globe champions- Vytas Palciauskas, Tunc Hamarat, Mikhail Umansky and Ivar Bern- got part, aswell as Ron Langeveld, who is becoming world champ in 2012. Chytilek earned the competition on tiebreak over Langeveld and British grandmaster Richard Hall. With 10 highlights of 16 video games, he obtained 4,5/5 against globe champions. Chytilek also earned the special reward to discover the best video game of the competition for his earn against Langeveld. The dramatic span of the competition was later referred to in the publication "Fernschachdramen", compiled by the previous CC Globe Champ, Fritz Baumbach as well as the competition participant, German grandmaster Stephan Busemann. This year 2010, Chytilek began to play for the Czech group in the ultimate from the 16th Correspondence Chess Olympiad (Globe Team chess tournament), up to speed 1. The Czechs (GM Chytilek, GM Jiri Dufek, GM David Vrkoc, GM Jiri Vosahlik, Teamcaptain: SIM Josef Mrkvicka) gained the Silver medals convincingly, with an enormous lead over Germany and France. Chytilek himself acquired the very best result up to speed 1.

Future chess career

In the interview for the Novoborsky sachovy server ( in January 2015, Chytilek admitted, he continues to be considering to suspend, and even end his correspondence profession, because of having less proper tournaments designed for the participant of his course and decreasing inspiration. He however announced himself always prepared to play correspondence chess in charity occasions.