Robert Chuter


Robert Chuter can be an Australian theatre movie director, film movie director and producer.

Personal life

In 1976, Robert Chuter caused a touring company led by Lindsay Kemp and cites the knowledge as you of his inspirations for becoming involved with theatre direction. His desire for film path originated while he was employed in a bookstore during college vacations, when he was urged to generate some materials using Super 8 press by Agnes Dobson, a vintage silent screen celebrity. He subsequently went to the Victorian University of Arts - Theatre College and in 1983 graduated through the Swinburne Film and Tv School.He founded the Executing Arts Projects theater business in Melbourne in the past due 1980s.Between 2005-2008, Chuter worked in London's Western End.

Stage actor

Oh Father, Poor Father, Mamma's Hung You in the Wardrobe and I'm Feelin' Thus Sad (Monash) The Seagull (Guild Theatre, 1976) The Polish Lady (Playbox Theatre, 1977) Plague Isle (La Mama Theatre, 1986)

Stage producer

Heeding advice directed at him with the film-maker Ken Russell, Chuter continues to be varied in his stage productions:I direct family displays, just like the sell-out months of Anne of Green Gables as well as the kids’s basic: Seven Small Australians, to takes on about homosexual porn icons, medication culture, the Bloomsbury group, the Brontes, IVF, flamboyant performers, feminist writers and serial killers. Variety may be the name of the overall game and I really like work which can be challenging towards the imagination. Can you envisage directing an opera when you don’t speak French and can’t remember music? Yep, I’ve completed it - uncertain easily was effective or not.Among the productions have already been: The Polish Girl (Playbox Theatre, 1977) Stravanganaza (Napier Street Theatre, 1992) Zero Room for Dreamers (La Mama Theatre/Spoleto Fringe Festival, 1986) Life (Randall Theatre, St. Martins Theater, 1991) THE TRICK Backyard (Rippon Lea, 1994) Anne of Green Gables (Rippon Lea, 1996) Refreshing Pleasures (Pleasance Theater, London, 2005) Homme Fatale (Pleasance Theater, London, 2005)


The 2014 film release The Fantasy Kids was directed and co-produced by Chuter. He previously previously aimed a stage edition, compiled by Julia Britton, for Fly-On-The-Wall Theater in '09 2009.