Robert Assaraf


Robert Assaraf (Arabic: روبرت الصراف‎‎) (given birth to in Rabat, 1936 – ) is a Moroccan Jewish historian and article writer, and previous prominent amount in the Moroccan industrial globe. He resides between Paris, France and Marrakesh, Morocco.


Robert Assaraf began his profession in the cupboard from the Minister of the inside in Morocco Hassan Zemmouri and Ahmed Reda Guedira. Then became a member of the ONA Group, where he became the overall Movie director and Deleguate Administrator, before early 1990 when he retired. In 1996 he set up the Center International de Recherche sur les Juifs du Maroc and co-founded l’Union mondiale du judaïsme marocain in 1999. He's the President from the Worldwide Moroccan Jewish Union.He's also the leader of Radio Shalom and was the vice-president from the France magazine Marianne until 2005 when he sold his stocks to Yves de Chaisemartin.


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