Richard Blaimert


Richard Blaimert may be the stage name and pen name of Richard Tremblay (given birth to Dec 30, 1964 in Les Éboulements, Quebec), a Canadian television actor, writer and producer from Quebec. He’s most widely known as the inventor and author of many tv series for both British and French systems in Canada, including Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, Cover Young lady, Sophie, Nouvelle adresse which Life.


As an actor, he created his stage name by rearranging the characters of his surname, to tell apart himself from other Richard Tremblays active in Quebec's creative picture at that time. He had small roles in the tv screen series Peau de banane, Traboulidon, Poivre et sel and Paul, Marie et les enfants, as well as the film Romantic Power (Pouvoir intime), before getting his most mentioned part as Edmond Pronovost in the theatre series Les Filles de Caleb.He considered composing for the teenager theatre series Watatatow in the 1990s, and wrote an bout of Diva, before creating his first series, Le Monde de Charlotte, in 2000. Pursuing that show's summary in 2004, he developed the sequel series El monde

Personal life

Blaimert has gone out seeing that gay, and includes gay people in practically all of his tv tasks. He resides in both Montreal and LA.