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For the tv screen maker see Dick Berg. Richard H. Berg (created 1943 in Charleston, SC) is definitely a prolific wargame developer, and receiver of the Charles S. Roberts Hall of Popularity Honor in 1987.


Berg earned his B.A., majoring in Asian Background, from Union University in Schenectady, NY. He then gained a JD level from Brooklyn Legislation School in NY.Berg served in america Military from 1967-1969. During his amount of time in the support, he was designated to become the musical movie director for the Military Theatre in Frankfurt, Germany.From 1971 to 1988, he worked like a felony protection attorney in personal practice as well as for the Legal Aid Society .


Not only is it a casino game designer, Richard Berg in addition has worked like a felony protection trial attorney, media communications specialist, actor, director, author, lyricist, composer, aswell as functioning briefly for the IRS.Notable online games include SPQR as well as the Campaign for North Africa.Berg was the editor and publisher from the right now defunct Berg's Overview of Games.He was voted like a "famous video game designer" to become featured mainly because the ruler of gemstones in Soaring Buffalo's 2014 Famous Video game Designers Playing Cards Deck.

Charles S. Roberts Awards

1977 - Best Tactical Game : Terrible Swift Sword by Simulations Magazines, Inc. 1977 - Greatest Fantasy or Technology Fiction Wargame : Battle of the Bands by Simulations Magazines, Inc. 1984 - Greatest Pre-20th century Video game : South Hill by Western End Video games 1987 - Charles Roberts Honours Hall of Popularity 1988 - Greatest Historical or Situation Magazine Content : S&T #119 - Forrest away 1992 - Ideal Pre–World Battle Two Video game : SPQR by GMT Video games (with Tag Herman) 1994 - Greatest Pre–World Battle Two Video game : Fights of Waterloo by GMT Video games 1995 - Greatest Amateur Wargaming Newspaper : Berg's Overview of Video games (BROG) 1996 - Greatest Amateur Wargaming Newspaper : Berg's Overview of Video games (BROG) 1996 - Greatest Pre–World Battle Two Video game : Areas of Glory by Occasions ever sold 1997 - Greatest Amateur Wargaming Newspaper : Berg's Overview of Video games (BROG) 1998 - Greatest Amateur Wargaming Newspaper : Berg's Overview of Video games (BROG) 2001 - Greatest DTP Video game : Longbow by BSO Video games 2004 - Greatest DTP Video game : Louisiana Tigers by BSO Video games 2006 - Greatest Magazine Video game : Kulikovo 1380: the Golden Horde in Against the chances Magazine


Richard Berg designed or co-designed the next [1]. The Conquerors (SPI) Druid (Western world End Video games, 1984) Julius Caesar (TSR-SPI) THE FANTASTIC Fights of Alexander (GMT) Juggernaut (GMT) SPQR (GMT, 1992) Battle Elephant (GMT, 1992) Consul for Rome (GMT, 1992) Pyrrhic Triumph (GMT, 1993) THE FANTASTIC Fights of Julius Caesar (GMT) Africanus (GMT, 1994) Poultry of the ocean (GPG) THE FANTASTIC Fights of Alexander, Deluxe Release (GMT, 1995) Dictator (GMT, 1995) Diadochoi (GMT, 1995) Successors (AH) Jugurtha (GMT, 1998) Phalanx (GMT) Caesar: The Conquest of Gaul (GMT, 1998) Battle Galley (GMT) Cataphract (GMT) Salamis (GMT) Veni, Vidi, Vici (GMT) Caratacus (GMT) Basic GBoH (GMT) Caesar in Alexandria (GMT, 2001) Nero (Phalanx) Attila (GMT) Tyrant (GMT) Old World, Rise from the Roman Republic (GMT) Zama (BSO) Alesia (GMT, 2004) Carthage (GMT) Pax Romana (GMT) Mamluk (GMT) Gergovia (GMT, 2007) The Crusades (SPI) Constantinople (SPI) Troops from the Queen (S&T-TSR) Hastings, 1066 (S&T-TSR) Lion from the North (GMT) The Fights of Waterloo (GMT) A Famous Triumph (MiH) Fields of Glory (MiH) Rivoli 1797 (Vae Victis) Kingdom for any Equine (BSO) Devil’s Horsemen (BSO) Les Pyramides (Vae Victis) Zurich, 1799 (Vae Victis) Triumph & Glory (GMT) Simon Says (BSO) Risorgimento 1859 (GMT) THE FINAL Raid (BSO) Longbow (BSO) THE FINAL Crusade (BSO) Waterloo (Phalanx) The Marlborough Guy (BSO) Middle ages (GMT) Zulu! (BSO) The Prince (Phalanx) Borodino (GMT) Highlander (BSO) Suleiman the Wonderful (ATO) Males of Iron (GMT) Manchu (S&T-3W) Shogun Triumphant (XTR) Samurai (GMT) Devil’s Horsemen (GMT) Sideshow(S&T-3W) The Marketing campaign for North Africa (SPI) The Desert Fox (SPI) Fight for North Africa (GMT) June 6 (GMT) Greek Tragedy (BSO) Bitter Triumph (BSO) Conquistador (SPI, AH) Vera Cruz (SPI) Delivery of a Country (3W) 13: The Colonies in Revolt (S&T-TSR) Blackbeard (Avalon Hill) Geronimo (Avalon Hill) Las Batallas de los Gringos (BSO) Type of Open fire (BSO) Tough & Prepared (S&T/Decision) Dillinger (BSO) Gringo (GMT) Carolina Rebels (BSO) Turning Stage (BSO) Hooker and Lee (SPI) Terrible Swift Sword (1st Ed, SPI; 2nd Ed, TSR) Bloody Apr (SPI) Murfreesboro (Yaquinto) Corinth (SPI) A Gleam of Bayonets (SPI-TSR) South Hill (Western world End Video games) Shiloh (Western world End Video games) Rebel Sabers (SPI-TSR) The Equine Military (S&T-3W) The Weapons of Cedar Creek (SD) Baton Rouge (S&T-3W) Initial Bloodstream (SD) 1862 (SD) Deceased of Wintertime (SD) Rio Grande (S&T/DG) 1863 (GMT) Chancellorsville (Clash of Hands) War from the Rebellion (DG) The 3 Times of Gettysburg (GMT) Glory (GMT) River of Loss of life (GMT) Confederate Rails (BSO) Crimson Badge of Courage (GMT) Over the Rappahannock (GMT) East-West (BSO) Louisiana Tigers (BSO) SPI Football (SPI) SPI Soccer (SPI) BSO Soccer (BSO) The Battle of the Band (SPI) Gondor (SPI)