Rena Chynoweth

Rena Chynoweth
ResidenceNorthern Mexico
VictimsRulon C. Allred
DateMay 10, 1977


Rena Chynoweth is a former Mormon fundamentalist who shot Rulon C. Allred useless in 1977. Acquitted of murder within a legal trial, Chynoweth afterwards admitted to eliminating Allred.

Early life

When she was 3 years old, Rena Chynoweth’s parents were changed into the Mormon fundamentalist Church from the Firstborn from the Fulness of that time period, located in Colonia LeBaron in northern Mexico. The Chynoweths relocated to Colonia LeBaron to become listed on all of those other polygamist sect, that was at that time led by Joel LeBaron. Joel’s management was quickly challenged by his more youthful sibling, Ervil, who thought that he was the ‘One Mighty and Solid’ selected by God to business lead the Latter-day Saints. The Chynoweths adopted Ervil when he ultimately broke from Joel’s cathedral. The Chynoweths, specifically young Rena, had been devout supporters of Ervil. Ervil suggested to Rena when she was just 16. Within a proxy interview with Doris Hanson in '09 2009, Rena stated that Ervil informed her she would head to hell if she didn't accept the proposal. As she thought Ervil to be always a accurate prophet she didn't doubt this, therefore she recognized the proposal. She became his thirteenth wife and got two kids by him.

Allred's death and trial

Ervil shortly organised his followers right into a fresh church, the Chapel from the Lamb of God. Its users were referred to as the ‘Lambs of God’. Ervil utilized the doctrine of bloodstream atonement to justify the murders of additional polygamist market leaders who he thought were opponents of his chapel, and therefore, opponents of God. One of is own prime focuses on was Doctor Rulon Clark Allred, innovator from the Apostolic United Brethren. As you of Ervil’s most devout and “prettiest” fans the nineteen-year-old Chynoweth, along with Ramona Marston, had been chosen to handle the murder of Allred.IN-MAY 1977 Chynoweth and Marston travelled from Mexico to Murray, Utah, where Allred’s office was, stopping to get weapons and disguises on the way. They reached Murray on, may 10 and joined Allred’s workplace disguised in wigs and sun glasses. Chynoweth shot him seven occasions, fatally wounding him, prior to the set fled. They hid out in Mexico but had been quickly apprehended and cut back to Utah.Chynoweth was tried for the murder of Allred in March 1979 inside a Utah courtroom. After fourteen days of testimony, the jury acquitted her of murder. Dorothy Allred Solomon, child of sufferer Rulon Allred, provides number of known reasons for Chynoweth’s acquittal. Included in these are her convincing is situated through the trial, sympathy on her behalf pregnancy and the actual fact that she cannot be recognized by witnesses as she was disguised when the capturing occurred. Solomon also accuses the "Lambs of God" of intimidating the jury in the trial, and shows that in patriarchal Utah, "a culture harbouring intimate discrimination would make an effort to compensate inside a courtroom of legislation".

Leaving polygamy and civil trial

With her husband imprisoned Chynoweth started to change her brain about polygamy and remaining the Church from the Lamb of God. In 1990, realizing that it was extremely unlikely that she'd be tried once again, she released a “breezy, show all memoir” about her existence with Ervil LeBaron where she accepted to firing Rulon Allred. While becoming interviewed on Sally, Chynoweth was offered having a summons to response civil costs of leading to the unlawful loss of life of Rulon C Allred. The costs were filed from the Allred family members who still wanted justice for Rulon’s loss of life. The trial occurred in Feb 1992. Chynoweth didn't appear in the trial as she stated how the Lambs of God had been still after her for departing the chapel. Chynoweth was discovered responsible for the wrongful loss of life of Rulon Allred and purchased to pay out $52 million in problems towards the Allred family members. The Allreds under no circumstances collected the amount of money. Fred Goldman later on cited this case like a precedent for not really collecting hardly any money from his boy’s loss of life when O. J. Simpson was discovered responsible for the wrongful loss of life of Ron Goldman.Chynoweth later on remarried. She statements to have already been managed by Ervil LeBaron through dread. She now functions to help kids who have experienced from participation in polygamy. She highly supported the activities of Texas through the YFZ Ranch raid.