R. Rox Anderson


R. Rox Anderson, can be an interdisciplinary researcher in photomedicine, the mix of the physics of light with medication. Anderson may be the director from the Wellman Middle for Photomedicine in Massachusetts General Medical center in Boston, MA, and faculty on the Harvard Medical College in the section of Dermatology. His efforts include laser treatment, photodynamic therapy (usage of light-activated localized medications for cancers and macular degeneration), and preliminary research into the free of charge electron laser beam for the selective devastation of lipids (i.e., fatty acids) for feasible treatment of pimples, cellulite, and atherosclerosis, aswell as several uses of photothermolysis using pulsed dye lasers. He also joined in refining removable tattoo printer ink, invented by Bruce Klitzman and Kim Koger of Duke School (US Patent 6,013,122) InfinitInk.