Piotr Chvertko


Piotr Chvertko – was a chief executive of the Condition Committee of Protection (KGB) from the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1966 till 1975.

Chvertko was moved to Moldova in the Kyrgyz Soviet Republic. He was an expert in counterespionage. His work in Chişinău identifies the Ivan Bodiul epoch from the Guideline by Communist Party from the Moldavian Soviet Republic as well as the transformation in the command from the Communist Party from the Soviet Union. The Soviet market leaders had an noticeable accent in the stopping from the nationalistic and bourgeois ideology. A number of the accomplishments from the Nikita Khrushchev epoch of de-Stalinization had been underwented. The amount of travelers from Romania and various other countries (Israel, European countries) has low in number, because the change from the arriving at the command of Communist Party by Leonid Brezhnev. The primary goals of activity of Chvertko in Moldova had been: The control of Moldavian-Romanian connections, and especially: The control under visitors of Romanian books, leasteners from the Romanian radio and Television The control of personal correspondence The guidance from the trips of travelers from Romania The intensification from the control beneath the persons that have been made clear of GULAG's The control under politics dissidents The beliefs with Zionism The control under competitors from the Soviet constitutional program (dissidents).One of the most known cases of dissidents of this epoch are: Alexandru Şoltoianu (b. 1933, Ineshti community of Teleneshty area), the organizer from the initial opposition Party in the Soviet Moldova and among the initial in the USSR, a graduate from the Moscow Institute for International relationships. Gheorghe Ghimpu Valeriu Graur Alexandru Usatiuc-Bulgăr Gheorghe MuruziucSeveral processes make reference to associates of Communist Party, that have been investigated by KGB: Serghei Radautsan - the rector from the Chişinău Politechinc Institute. Nicolae Testemiţanu - the rector from the Chişinău Condition Medical Institute Boris Alexandru Găină - the secretary from the Teleneshty local committee of Communist Party.Chvertko's period on the top of Moldavian KGB completed in 1975, when he was transferred to German Democratic Republic seeing that an officer in among the Soviet Military units, put into Dresden, where he continuing to occupy by counterespionage.


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