Philip W. Chung


Philip W. Chung is usually a Korean American playwright, co-founder of Los Angeles-based Lodestone Theater Ensemble and its own current co-artistic movie director.


Chung has written for theatre, film and tv, like the ABC-TV series, Lois & Clark: THE BRAND NEW Escapades of Superman. Also a journalist, his column about Asian Us citizens in the film sector, "Reel Tales," is highlighted in AsianWeek. He created and directed the brief film, Harlequin in 2004. Presently he's directing Kono: Surviving in Silence, a documentary about Charlie Chaplin's Japanese American personal secretary, Toraichi Kono aswell as writing many screenplays including adaptations from the novels THE FINAL Chinese Chef as well as the Samurai's Backyard and original tasks for movie director Justin Lin. He's the Co-Founder/Creative Director from the Asian American theatre business Lodestone Theatre Outfit.Chung has taught Asian American research courses in UC Santa Cruz and playwriting on the L.A. Cultural Affairs Dept. as well as the Asian American Authors Workshop.He websites at


Home is Where in fact the Han Is Laughter, Pleasure & Loneliness & Sex & Sex & Sex & Sex Deceased of Evening Aziatik Country '04 The Golden Hour One Country, Under God My Guy Kono Sophistication Kim & The Spiders From Mars Unbroken Blossoms (work-in-progress) "THE FINAL from the Nisei Cougars" (work-in-progress) "DROP with time" (work-in-progress)