Philip Catherine

Philip Catherine
Brussels Jazz Marathon 2012 - Philip Catherine Quartet (7272168872).jpg
Catherine at Jazz Marathon
Brussels, Belgium, 2012
Background information
Born(1942-10-27) 27 October 1942 (age 74)
London, England
Occupation(s)Musician, composer
Years active1960s - present
LabelsDreyfus, Criss Cross, Warner Bros.
Associated actsFocus


Philip Catherine (given birth to 27 Oct 1942) is a Belgian jazz guitarist.

Philip Catherine was created in London for an British mom and Belgian dad and grew up in Brussels. His grandfather performed violin in the London Symphony Orchestra. Catherine began on electric guitar in his teenagers, and by seventeen he was executing professionally at regional venues.He released his debut record, Vapor, in 1970. Through the next couple of years, he researched at Berklee University of Music in Boston and with Mick Goodrick and George Russell. In 1976, he and guitarist Larry Coryell documented and toured as an acoustic duo. The next year he documented with Charles Mingus, who dubbed him "Youthful Django". In the first 1980s, he toured briefly with Benny Goodman. He is at trio with Didier Lockwood and Christian Escoudé, after that within a trio with Chet Baker. Through the 1990s, he documented three albums with trumpeter Tom Harrell.Catherine in addition has caused Lou Bennett, Kenny Drew, Dexter Gordon, Stéphane Grappelli, Karin Krog, Paul Kuhn, Sylvain Luc, Michael Mantler, Charlie Mariano, Palle Mikkelborg, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Enrico Rava, Toots Thielemans, and Miroslav Vitous.



1971: Stream (Warner Bros.), with Giggs Whigham, Freddie Deronde, Freddy Rothier, Marc Moulin 1975: Sept guy (Atlantic), with John Lee, Gerry Dark brown, Jasper truck 't Hof, Charlie Mariano, Palle Mikkelborg 1975: Guitars (Atlantic) 1976: Nairam (Warner Bros.), with John Lee, Gerry Dark brown, Jasper truck 't Hof, Charlie Mariano, Palle Mikkelborg 1980: Babel (Elektra), with André Ceccarelli, Jannick Best, Patrick Orieux, Jean-Claude Petit 1982: End of August (WEA) with Nicolas Fiszman, Charlie Mariano, Trilok Gurtu 1986: Transparence (in-akustik) with Hein truck de Geyn, Aldo Romano, Diederik Wissels, Michel Herr 1988: Sept Sky (Fever), with Tom Harrell, Hein truck de Geyn, Aldo Romano 1988: Oscar (Igloo), Hein truck de Geyn, Dre Pallemaerts 1990: I RECALL You (Criss Combination) with Hein truck de Geyn, Tom Harrell 1992: Moods, Vol. I (Criss Combination), with Hein truck de Geyn, Tom Harrell 1992: Moods, Vol. II (Criss Combination), with Hein truck de Geyn, Tom Harrell 1997: Live (Dreyfus), with Hein truck de Geyn, Bert truck den Brink, Hans Truck Oosterhout 1998: Electric guitar Groove (Dreyfus), with Rodney Holmes, Alphonso Johnson, Jim Beard 2000: Blue Prince (Dreyfus), with Hein truck de Geyn, Hans Truck Oosterhout, Bert Joris 2002: Summertime Evening (Dreyfus), with Philippe Aerts, Joost truck Schaik, Bert Joris 2008: Guitars Two (Dreyfus) 2010: Concert in Capbreton (Dreyfus), with Hein truck de Geyn, Enrico Pieranunzi, Joe LaBarbera 2011: Has Cole Porter (Problem), with Philippe Aerts, Karel Boehlee, Martijn Vink 2012: Cote Jardin (Problem), with Philippe Aerts, Nicola Andrioli, Antoine Pierre 2014: New People (Action), with Martin Blowing wind 2015: The String Task (Action)

As co-leader

Trio with Charlie Mariano & Jasper truck 't Hof 1974: Transistory (MPS) 1974: Cascade (Keytone) 1975: 15 (Horo) 1976: THE ENTRANCEWAY Is Open up (MPS) 1979: Rest My Like (CMP) 1996: Operanoia (Intuition) 2009: THE FANTASTIC Concert (Enja)Duo with Chet Baker There'll By no means End up being Another You (Timeless, 1985)Duo with Larry Coryell 1977: Twin-House (Elektra) 1978: Splendid (Elektra)Trio with Kenny Drew & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen 1975: Morning hours (SteepleChase) 1977: In Concert (SteepleChase) 1983: And A LONG WAY AWAY (Soul Notice)Trio with Larry Coryell & Joachim Kühn 1980: Live! (Elektra)Trio with Didier Lockwood & Christian Escoude 1983: Trio (JMS)Trio with Jean-Louis Rassinfosse & Chet Baker 1985: Crystal Bells (Igloo)Duo with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen 1983: The Viking (Pablo) 1992: Spanish Evenings (Enja) 1993: Artwork from the Duo (Enja)Duo with Bert Joris 2005: Conference Colours (Dreyfus)


With Lou Bennett & Jack port Sels 1961: Jack port Sels (IBC)With Jean-Luc Ponty 1971: Open up Strings (MPS)With Klaus Weiss 1971: I SIMPLY Need to Celebrate (BASF) 1971: Sunbirds (BASF)With Jean-Luc Ponty & Stéphane Grappelli 1973: Ponty – Grappelli (America)With Toots Thielemans 1974: Toots Thielemans/Philip Catherine & Close friends (Keytone) 1998: Chez Toots (Personal Music)With Marc Moulin 1974: Placebo (Harvest) 1975: Sam' Suffy (CBS) 2001: " INSIDE INFO " (Blue Be aware) 2004: Entertainment (Blue Be aware)With Peter Herbolzheimer 1974: Scenes (MPS) 1976: WIDELY OPEN (MPS)With Karin Krog 1974: YOU NEED TO Believe in Springtime (MR5)With Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen 1975: Jaywalkin' (Steeple Run after) 1976: Increase Bass (SteepleChase) 1978: Live at Montmartre Vol. 1 (SteepleChase) 1978: Live at Montmartre Vol. 2 (SteepleChase)With Rolf Kühn 1975: Total Space (MPS)With John Lee & Gerry Dark brown 1975: Mango Sunrise (Blue Take note)With Michael Gibbs 1975: The Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra (Bronze)With Dexter Gordon Quartet 1975: DIFFERENT THINGS (SteepleChase)With Passport 1975: Doldinger Jubilee '75 (Atlantic)With Joachim Kühn 1976: Springfever (Atlantic) 1976: Hip Elegy (MPS)With Focus 1976: Live at BBC (Hux) 1978: Con Proby (Harvest)With Larry Coryell 1976: Twin House (Atlantic) 1977: Back Jointly Again (WEA) 1978: Splendid (Elektra)With Charles Mingus 1977: 3 or 4 Tones of Blue (Atlantic SD)With NDR 1977: Jazz Workshop (NDR)With Carla Bley & Mike Mantler 1979: Even more Movies (Watt)With Stéphane Grappelli 1979: Young Django (MPS) 1992: Live (Birdology)With Zbigniew Seifert 1979: We'll Remember Zbiggy (Mood)With Chet Baker 1983: Crystal Bells (Igloo) 1985: There'll Hardly ever be Another You (Timeless) 1985: Chet's Choice (Criss Cross) 1985: Strollin' (Enja) 1985: In Bologna (Dreyfus)With Aldo Romano 1983: Alma Latina (Owl)With Jean-Claude Petit 1987: Salopes !! Vent De Panique (Milan)Using the European Jazz Ensemble 1989: Live on the Philarmonic, Köln (M.A Music)With Maurane 1989: Maurane (Polydor)With Freddie Deronde 1990: Spontaneous Work (Igloo)With Richard Galliano 1991: New Musette (Label Bleu)With Barney Wilen & Palle Danielsson 1991: Sanctuary (IDA) 1993: Le Grand Cirque (Wan)With Diederik Wissels & David Linx 1993: If YET ANOTHER Time (Les Disques du Crépuscul)With Erkan Ogur 1993: Fretless (EFA)With Jacques Pelzer 1993: Salute towards the Box (Igloo)With Laila Dalseth 1995: A Woman's Institution (GM)With Marcia Maria 1995: Interest (Igloo)With Ivan Paduart 1995: White EveningsWith Aziza Mustafa Zadeh 1996: Jazziza (Columbia)With Baruti Trio @ 4 1996: Ndugu YanguWith Emmanuel Bex & Aldo Romano 1998: Trio (Criss Combination)With Robert Wyatt 1997: Shleep (Hanibal)With Orion 1998: Orion (Keltia Musique)With Enrico Pieranunzi 2000: Alone Jointly (Challenge)With Joan Reinders 2000: Millennium Triangular Jazz OrchestraWith Oliver Strauch 2000: Short Stories (Mons)With Julien Clerc 2003: Studio room (Virgin)With Soledad 2006: Passing (Virgin)