Peter Christopher (author)


Peter Christopher (given birth to 1948, Cyprus) can be an Australian writer and photographer who all writes about shipwrecks and riverboats. He’s also a Movie director of the not really for profit company, Clipper Ship Town of Adelaide Ltd (CSCOAL), create to save lots of the 1864 clipper dispatch, Town of Adelaide. Peter may be the writer of seven books, and co-editor of another. Australia’s huge collection of primary working paddle steamers continues to be the main topic of three years of analysis by Peter, and therefore the main topic of two of his seven books. Since 1967, Peter continues to be a dynamic scuba diver and volunteer maritime archaeologist that has visited and documented wrecks in South Australia (SA) specifically, but also around Australia. Peter’s contribution to maritime archaeology was recognized by an Prize provided to him with the Australian Federal government in 1982 and by the prize of a lifestyle membership with the Culture for Underwater Traditional Analysis in 2000. In 1973, Peter was an associate from the Southern Australian Government’s inquiry into scuba deaths in clean water sink-holes and underwater caves in the southern east of SA. The Survey from the Committee “appointed to research safety safety measures for Scuba Divers in Clean Water Sink Openings and Underwater Caves” that was provided to the federal government in January 1974 essentially suggested non-legislative response towards the problem. The next voluntary plan of legislation via diver schooling and certification continues to be carried out with the Cave Divers Association of Australia. The achievement of this program is normally evident with almost four years of low fatality cave diving following implementation from the Report’s recommendations. Peter isn’t a full-time writer; he worked being a mature Trade Union public, with his function until middle June 2015 getting the principle Industrial Official of the general public Provider Association of South Australia. He retired to spotlight a volunteer function creating a seaport community for the historical 1864 clipper dispatch “Town of Adelaide’ in Interface Adelaide’s internal harbour.


Shores of Tragedy: shipwrecks of South Australia. (Christopher.P) (ISBN 0731613481) OCLC: 27527347, published by Peter in 1987, information the ten mostly dived wrecks in South Australia. Divers Guidebook to South Australia.(Christopher.P) (ISBN 0958804400) OCLC: 27626745 published by Peter in 1988 " save lots of the lives of strangers", (Famous Shipwrecks of South Australia)(Christopher.P) (ISBN 0958804419) OCLC: 27626764, that was published in 1989, describes the annals of SA's most well-known wrecks. Its name originates from a newspapers account from the rescue from the survivors from the Admella shipwreck in 1859. South Australian Shipwrecks. A Data Foundation 1802--1989. (Christopher.P), published from the Culture for Underwater Historical Study firstly like a paperback in 1990 (ISBN 0 9588006 1 8) and like a PDF in 2006 (ISBN 0 9588006 2 6) OCLC: 25914190 is all of the all wrecks throughout that period. Paddlesteamers and Riverboats from the River Murray. (Christopher.P), published by Axiom, 2000 (ISBN 978-1-86476-040-8) OCLC: 222744595. Let's get a Dive,50 many years of the Underwater Explorers Golf club of SA, edited by Peter Christopher with Nicholas Cundell and released in 2004 (ISBN 0958804427) OCLC: 223893318. Australian Riverboats. A Pictorial Background. (Christopher.P), published by Axiom, 2006 (ISBN 9781864764741) OCLC: 224952174. Australian Shipwrecks. A Pictorial Background. (Christopher.P), published by Axiom, 2009 (ISBN 9781864765885) OCLC: 458275141.

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