Pavan Anand


Pavan Anand (Hindi: पवन आनंद, Urdu: پون آنند, Arabic: بافان أناند ; created Apr 10, 1979) can be an Indian business magnate. He’s the Chief Professional Officer & Business lead Developer of Dagmar Jewellery. Pavan Anand offers designed items for famous brands Nicole Kidman, Goldie Hawn and Edward Norton. He in addition has done a displaying in colaboration with Versace and continues to be presented in Oprah Journal. He’s known for his entrepreneurial abilities just as much as his style expertise. Despite being the type of personality which has intentionally stayed from an excessive amount of press and promotion- Both he and his brand-‘Dagmar Jewelry’ continue steadily to make waves internationally. His is connected with Sushma Kilachand in his Dagmar Jewelry opportunity. Pavan Anand, an architect by occupation, established his jewellery label, Dagmar, in 2004, and it is its CEO and lead developer. The brand offers representative offices in Toronto, Vancouver, NEW YORK, California, Caracas, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Lagos, Dhaka, Singapore, Casablanca, Mumbai, Chennai and additional places. Pavan Anand’s label, DAGMAR is a portion of Toronto International Film Event, New York Style Week, Jakarta Style Week. Anand also completed a showing in colaboration with Versace in Jakarta in 2011.


Pavan Anand started his profession seeing that an architectural expert. He comes with an structures degree in the Rachana Sansad Institute and proved helpful for SMPS Consultants prior to starting his jewellery brand, Dagmar. Often developing a fondness for creative jewellery, at age 24, he quit his profession as an architect to check out his passion.Pavan used his style sensibility and entrepreneurial heart to make a style home of tremendous international repute. The remarkable growth from the brand under him provides helped in creating a distinct segment for the label through THE UNITED STATES, European countries, South East Asia and elements of the center East. Pavan Anand’s Dagmar jewellery markets all over the globe, especially in NEW YORK, Miami, London, Budapest, Barcelona, Sydney, Jakarta, Manila, Istanbul, Kuwait, Dubai, and Durban.

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