Pascal Bonitzer

Pascal Bonitzer
Pascal bonitzer deauville.jpg
Pascal Bonitzer in 2010
Born(1946-02-01) 1 February 1946 (age 71)
Paris, France
OccupationScreenwriter, film director, actor, film critic
Years active1967-present


‹ The template Infobox person has been considered for merging. › Pascal Bonitzer (French: [bɔnitsɛʁ]; delivered 1 Feb 1946) can be a French screenwriter, film movie director, actor and previous film critic for Cahiers du cinéma. He provides created for 48 movies and has made an appearance in 30 movies since 1967. He starred in Raúl Ruiz’s 1978 film The Suspended Vocation.

Personal life

He includes a daughter, celebrity Agathe Bonitzer, with filmmaker Sophie Fillières.



Year Name Credited as Records Director Screenwriter Acting professional 1967 Vampirisme Yes Brief film 1976 Moi, Pierre Rivière, ayant égorgé ma mère, ma sœur et mon frère... Yes Cooperation 1978 L'Exercice du pouvoir Yes 1978 The Suspended Vocation Yes 1979 The Brontë Sisters Yes Yes


Year Name Credited as Records Director Screenwriter Professional 1980 Simone Barbes or Virtue Yes 1980 Snakes and Ladders Yes Television brief 1980 Une voix Yes Brief film 1980 Le Borgne Yes 1981 L'Ombre rouge Yes 1982 Jimmy Jazz Yes Yes Brief film 193 Balles perdues Yes 1983 Liberty Belle Yes Yes 1984 Tricheurs Yes 1984 Like on the floor Yes Yes 1985 Rouge-gorge Yes 1985 Hurlevent Yes 1986 Golden Eighties Yes 1986 Picture of the Criminal offense Yes 1987 Les Innocents Yes 1988 The Beggars Yes 1988 Daniel endormi Yes Brief film 1989 Gang of 4 Yes 1989 Les Bois noirs Yes 1989 Winter's Kid Yes 1989 Les Sirènes Yes Yes Brief film


Year Name Credited as Records Director Screenwriter Acting professional 1990 El jeu d'enfant Yes Situation collaborator 1990 Mistress of Suspense Yes Television series 1991 L'Amour maudit de Leisenbohg Yes Telefilm 1991 La Belle Noiseuse Yes 1991 All the time Yes 1991 Le Ciel de Paris Yes 1992 La Chasse aux papillons Yes 1993 THE BEST Time of year Yes Nominated—César Honor for Best Composing 1993 Lovers et Amants Yes 1994 Joan the Maiden, Component 1: The Fights Yes 1994 Joan the Maiden, Component 2: The Prisons Yes 1994 Grande Petite Yes 1995 Le Fils de Gascogne Yes 1995 Up, Straight down, Fragile Yes 1995 REMEMBER You are going to Pass away Yes 1996 Thieves Yes Situation collaborator 1996 3 Lives and ONLY 1 Loss of life Yes Yes 1996 Encore Yes Yes Yes Prix Jean Vigo Nominated—César Honor for Best Initial Feature Film 1997 Genealogies of the Criminal offense Yes Yes 1997 Nights Future Yes 1998 Key Protection Yes 1999 Rien sur Robert Yes Yes Yes 1999 Les Agneaux Yes Telefilm 1999 Les Infortunes de la beauté Yes 1999 Augustin, Ruler of Kung-Fu Yes


Year Name Credited as Records Director Screenwriter Acting professional 2000 Lumumba Yes 2001 Guy from the Crowds Yes 2001 Va savoir Yes 2001 Alias Betty Yes 2002 As an Aircraft Yes 2003 Little Slashes Yes Yes Nominated—Berlin Film Event - Golden Carry 2003 THE STORYPLOT of Marie and Julien Yes 2003 Hot Home Yes Telefilm 2004 Changing Occasions Yes Nominated—Satellite television Award for Ideal Initial Screenplay 2004 So why (Not) Brazil? Yes 2006 L'Affaire Villemin Yes Television mini-series 2006 Manufactured in Paris Yes Yes 2007 The Duchess of Langeais Yes 2007 THE MAIN ELEMENT Yes 2008 THE FANTASTIC Alibi Yes Yes 2009 La Grande Vie Yes 2009 Around a little Hill Yes 2009 Don't Appear Back again Yes 2009 Suite noire Yes Television series


Year Name Credited as Records Director Screenwriter Professional 2010 Chantrapas Yes 2012 Searching for Hortense Yes Yes 2012 The Gordji Affair Yes Telefilm 2014 Gemma Bovery Yes 2014 Murder in Pacot Yes 2014 Valentin Valentin Yes Yes 2016 Agnus Dei Yes Nominated—César Prize for Best Primary Screenplay 2016 Tout de collection maintenant Yes Yes 2016 Le Jeune Karl Marx Yes