Pamela Britton (author)


Pamela Britton can be an American writer of love novels. Furthermore to writing books, she actually is a freelance journalist for the One fourth Equine JQURNAL. Her nonfiction work is created beneath the name Pamela Britton-Baer. Writer Facebook: pamelabrittonauthor

List of books

My Fallen Angel (2000) Enchanted from your Kisses (2001) Cowboy Lessons (2004) Seduced (2004) Tempted (2004) Scandal (2004) Cowboy Problems (2004) Dangerous Curves (2005) Honk if you value Real Males (2005) Crimson Hot Santa (2005) In the Groove (2006) Cowboy M.D. (2006) For the Advantage (2006) Cowboy Veterinarian (2006) Towards the Limit (2007) The Cowgirl's CEO (2007) Total Control (2007) NASCAR Vacation 2 (2007) - Anthology On the road (2008) Slow Burn off (2009) The Wrangler (2009) Magic formula Cowboy (2010) Playboy Prankster (2010) THIS TIME AROUND, Forever (2010) Burning up Plastic (2011) Rancher and Protector (2011) The Rancher's Bride-to-be (2012) A Cowboy's Satisfaction (2013) A Cowboy's Xmas Wedding ceremony (2013) A Cowboy's Angel - Via Del Caballo Series (2014) The Texan's Twins (2014) Kissed with a Cowboy - Via Del Caballo Series (2015) Her Rodeo Hero - Via Del Caballo Series(2015) His Rodeo Sweetheart - Via Del Caballo Series (2016) The Ranger's Rodeo Rebel - Via Del Caballo Series (2016) Her Cowboy Lawman - Via Del Caballo Series (2017) Being successful the Rancher's Center (Sequel to Her Cowboy Lawman - Also includes a secondary personality from His Rodeo Sweetheart) (2017)