Omid Ahangar


Omid Ahangar (Persian: امید آهنگر) is certainly a Persian actor and director. He’s mainly known for his function as “Ali Kouchlou” (Ali the tiny) in the 1983 computer animation for children beneath the same title. Omid Ahangar was created on 23 Sept 1979 in Tehran. He researched literature of crisis at Azad College or university of Arak.


Movie director TAVAN (Director 2010) Entezar (Director 2011) ONLY A Desire ( Director 2012) Last Place (Director, 2013) Safe and sound Home (Director 2014) Painting (Director 2015) Swamp (Director 2015)Professional Behtarin baba-ye donya (professional, 1991) Ali va ghool-e jangal (professional, 1990) Harim-e mehrvarzi (professional, 1984) Tohfeha (professional, 1984) Sharayete eyny (professional 1985) Raze cheshmeye sorkh (professional 1992) gobare marg (professional 1985) Ali Kocholo ( professional 1982 ) Eyd Didany ( professional 1981) Baftehaye ranj (acor) Bache mardom (professional 1981) ASlahe chobi (professional 1984) Gole yas (professional 1985) Hamsayeha (professional) Medad pakkon (professional) Carry out Morghabi Dar Meh (professional) Khatereh ha ( professional) Gaz (professional) Etefagh (professional) Zire gonbade kabod (professional) Shab Cheragh (professional) Mah O Khorshid (professional) Hampeyman (professional) Topoli (professional) Cheshm cheshm carry out abro (professional) Aziz khanom (professional) Majara (professional) KHastegary Por Majara (professional) Rozhaye akhar (professional) Aks daste jami (professional) Zawiye (professional) Tope gerd (professional) Khaneye mehr (professional) Paeez laleha (professional) Mosafere zaman (professional) Dayere tardid (professional) Fasle zard (professional) Ahoye Mahe nohom (professional) Razo NIaz (professional) Panjomin Nafar (professional) Vapasin Koch (professional) Sere Eshgh (professional) Botimar (professional) Ayeneh (professional) Aftabe Sard (professional) Video game Akhar (professional) Hozor (professional) Golestane jang (professional) Eynam ye Joreshe (professional) Khat shekan (professional) Dehkhoda (professional) Sisakht (professional) Shibe Tond (professional) Shabe Sarbaz (professional) Khate Barik (professional) Daftar Dar (professional) Tolo (professional) Dena (professional) Ta Hozor (professional) Bazgasht (professional) Neshani (professional)