Olivo Barbieri


Olivo Barbieri (given birth to 1954 in Carpi, Emilia-Romagna) can be an Italian designer and professional photographer of urban conditions. He’s recognized for his innovative technique creating small still pictures from actual scenery by simulating shallow depth of field via the usage of tilt-shift lens pictures. Barbieri’s technique simulates the shallow depth of field aftereffect of macro pictures by tilting the lens’s position to the trunk plane from the video camera, which produces a progressive blurring at the very top and bottom sides, or remaining and right sides from the filmed picture. The technique is named selected concentrate and the result is a picture of a genuine city appears like the picture of the model.


Barbieri began his profession in photography their studies at DAMS (Theatre, Artwork and Music Research) in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities from the College or university of Bologna. After 1971, his fascination with pictures grew and, primarily, he concentrated his study on artificial light. In 1978, he got part in a number of exhibitions in Italy and in addition overseas. In 1989 he began to travel frequently to china and taiwan, especially to China.In 1993, 1995 and 1997 Barbieri exhibited his just work at the Venice Biennale, among additional worldwide exhibitions, and in museums and galleries throughout Europe, THE UNITED STATES, and China. In 1996, the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany, dedicated a retrospective to his function, which includes been gathered by museums world-wide.In 2003 Barbieri started the website Specific task (photos and movies) describing cities like Rome, Turin, Montreal, Amman, NEVADA, LA, Shanghai, Siviglia, NY while others. He offers realised many 35mm movies within this task: site particular_ROMA 04 site particular_SHANGHAI 04 site particular_Todas las VEGAS 05 SEVILLA → (∞) 06 site particular_MODENA 08Site particular_ROMA 04 was exhibited in 2005 at Museum of Modern Art, Chicago, in the Hayward Gallery of London with Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto (MART).


In 2005 he also started two group of films called Seascape# and Riverscape#, such as: Seascape#1 Night time, China Shenzhen, 05 Seascape#2 Castel dell’Ovo, Napoli, 06 Rivescape#1, Night time, China Shanghai 2007Additional movies realised by Barbieri are: Beijing Sky, 2007 5 Colori, 2008 TWIY, 2008 Tuscany in 6 pieces, 2010Barbieri's films have already been presented in the main international celebrations, including: Locarno Film Event 2004,2005, 2008; International Film Event Rotterdam 2004, 2006; Medien und architectktur Biennale Graz 2005-2007; Toronto International Film Event 2005, 2006; Wexner Middle for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio 2006; NY Film Event 2006; Sundance Film Event 2006, 2008; SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA International Film Event 2006, 2007; Berkeley Artwork Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley 2006, 2007; Walker Artwork Middle, Minneapolis 2007; MoMA, NY 2007; Jeu De Paume, Paris 2007; Tate Contemporary, London 2007; Berlin Film Event 2007.


He lives and functions in Milan.


Many books and catalogues have already been published about Barbieri’s work, including: Paesaggi in Miniatura, Udine 1991 Notte, Udine 1991 Olivo Barbieri seit 1978, Museum Folgwan, Essen 1996 Illuminazioni Artificiali, Milan 1995, Washington, D.C. 1998 Notsofareast, Rome 2002 Paintings, Florence 2002 site Particular_Roma 04, Rome 2004 site Particular_Todas las Vegas 05, Toronto 2005 site particular_SHANGHAI 04, Bologna 2006 site particular_NYC 07, Carpi 2007 TWIY, Napoli 2008 site particular_JORDAN 04, Genova 2008 The Waterfall Task, Bologna 2008 site particular_BEIJING 08, Alcamo 2008 Site Particular, NY: Aperture, Sept 2013.


Barbieri offers won several honours and awards for his function: 2008 SEVILLA → (∞) 06, Nashville Film Celebration, Best Experimental Brief 2006 site particular_Todas las VEGAS, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Film Event, New Visions 2006 site particular_ROMA 04, Median und Arkitecture Biennale, Graz, Austria 1992 Higashikawa Honor, Japan, The Overseas Professional photographer Reward 1990 Premio Friuli Venezia Giulia Fotografia, Italy