Olga de Chica


Olga Alba de Chica (given birth to Filandia, Departamento del Quindío in August 21, 1921) is a self-taught neo-primitivist Colombian painter. She’s achieved some acknowledgement in Colombia and overseas for her functions.


Olga de Chica paints in a method that is referred to as "primitivist", which she developed organically without the advantage of any formal artistic teaching. Her functions are mainly filled landscapes that make an effort to communicate the appearance and experience of the normal, if sometimes somewhat nostalgic, existence in rural Colombia. Her functions are noted for his or her vivid colours, and captivating, if relatively fanciful representations of Colombian nature. Her functions are educated by her Colombian upbringing in the first area of the 20th hundred years now. Her paintings are thought to contain the taste and freshness of her house state. Rural existence, small towns as well as the espresso area of her indigenous Colombia will be the primary of her function, where the family members device stands as the keeper of custom and customs which make it exclusive in the sociable fabric of the country.

Olga de Chica was created in Filandia, Colombia, in the espresso area called Quindío. She went to the Sacred Center of Jesus SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Filandia and the institution of Great Arts in Manizales. Olga began painting as a kid, when it's said she utilized squeezed flowers so that they can create lively shades. However, the majority of her life time was spent as the wife of the locally beloved college teacher, as well as the mom of two daughters and a boy. It was not really until she was getting close to her fifties that she became a specialist painter.

Honors and distinctions

1976 Five Outstanding Colombian Primitivist Painters: -Regional MEMORIAL, Medellín -a Gruta MEMORIAL, BogotáRepresenting Caldas, Annual Art Display El Wire, Manizales1978 Representing Colombia, First International Festival of Art, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.1979 UNICEF International Artwork Committee, NY, Dual Collection of paintings for UNICEF HANDMADE CARDS and UNICEF Calendar1980 First Prize, Fourth Annual Juried Art Display, Women's Center MEMORIAL, University or college of California, Santa BarbaraPublication Cover of Caribbean Review, Springtime 1980, Florida International UniversityInvited by Yugoslav Primitivist Performers, Maison des Arts Spontanés et Naifs, Brussels, BelgiumVisión Plástica de Caldas, Caldas Cultural, Vol. I, Oct 1988, pg 72-73 Annual Authorities Publication, Manizales1984 Cover, Phone Directory, Quindío Condition, ArmeniaCover, Arts and Tradition Supplement, Sunday Release‑La Patria Newspapers, Manizales, 9 Sept 1984Poster "International Women's Day time", International Theatre Event, Los Fundadores Theatre, Manizales1985 Outstanding Ladies in the Arts in Caldas, La Patria Newspaper Section A, pg 8, 18 May 1985.Distinguished Resident of Quimbaya, THE HOME of Arts and Tradition, QuimbayaDistinguished Resident of Filandia, THE HOME of Arts and Tradition, Filandia1988 Poster: 60th anniversary Caldas Liquor Industri, Manizales1989 Quindío: Land of Espresso – Triptych. Duplication on 2 x 3 mts. Billboard around the Art Recreation area Abadía Méndez Group, Town of Armenia Centennial1991 Poster for the International Espresso Fair, Workplace of Travel and leisure, Manizales1992 UNICEF International Artwork Committee, NY, Dual Collection of paintings for UNICEF HANDMADE CARDSSeeds of Switch – 500 Many years of Cultural Encounter and Exchange: Itinerant Artwork Present of the Smithsonian Organization, Museum of Normal History, presented in USA embassies and consulates.1993 On Camera, Third Model, INRAVISION TV Bogotá. Interviewing Four Performers from CaldasDual Selection for HANDMADE CARDS 1994, Lorencita Villegas de Santos Kids’s Medical center, Bogotá 1994 Dual Selection for HANDMADE CARDS 1995, Lorencita Villegas de Santos Kids’s Medical center, BogotáPersonalities inside our Cultural Globe, Papel Salmon, La Patria Daily, Weekend Edition Zero. 95, p. 2-3, 31 July 1994UNICEF International Artwork Committee, NY, Collection of painting for UNICEF HANDMADE CARDS for 19951995 Artwork Video including Olga de Chica (On Camcorder, Third Model, INRAVISION Television- Bogotá) on the Country wide Museum of Ladies in the Arts - Bibliographic Assortment of individuals in the US 4th World Meeting of Females, Beijing, China, August 1995.1997 "Coffee Plantation" Selection for the month of August, University of Caldas 1997 Calendar, Manizales1999 Awarded the Medal Founders of the town and Distinguished Resident by the town of Filandia for the 150th anniversary of its foundation.UNICEF International Artwork Committee, NY, Collection of painting for UNICEF HANDMADE CARDS for 20002005 Selected to take part in the YWCA "Voices" Art Exhibit to benefit the YWCA National Capital Area


Olga de Chica's paintings are available in the following selections, among other areas:Stateroom from the Colombian Naval Missile Frigate A.R.C. Caldas - ( Originally bought for Globe Tour luxury cruise.)Colombo-American Bi-National Middle, ManizalesThe U.S. Embassy, Bogotá, ColombiaMuseum, College of Good Arts, University or college of Caldas, ManizalesHome of Primitivists, BogotáArt in public areas, DC Commission within the Arts and Humanities, Washington, D.C.House of Sociable Solutions, Los Fundadores Theater Middle, ManizalesLa Gruta MEMORIAL, BogotáMeeting Hall, Central MORTGAGE LOAN Bank, ManizalesHome of Cultural Arts, Montenegro, QuindíoColombo-American Bi-National Middle, Pereira, RisaraldaHome of Cultural Arts, Anserma, CaldasHome of Cultural Arts, Culture of Public Functions, Armenia, QuindíoReception Hall, Caldas Liquor Market, ManizalesDC Commission within the Arts and Humanities, Washington, D.C.