Olexander Chyrkov


Olexander Chyrkov (given birth to November 1, 1941 in Kamyshin) — the top from the division of Germanic Philology and Foreign Books, the top of Scientific and Artistic Organic “Dramaturgy” from the Institute of Foreign Dialects Zhytomyr Ivan Franko Condition University, person in the Academy of Sciences of ADVANCED SCHOOLING of Ukraine, Doctor of Philology, Teacher. Medical interests of Teacher Chyrkov are multifarious. He’s a historian of books, theatre critic and professional in drama research. He is around the editorial table of many professional publications and scientific news letters. Teacher Chyrkov promotes and establishes associations with leading specialists who focus on the issues of the idea and background of episode and complications of literary terminology. Becoming extremely innovative it his medical investigations, educational and translational actions and drama research he aspires to determine the right of each individual to carry his own factors in the sphere of technology, artwork and education.


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