Nurul Islam Babul


Nurul Islam Babul is definitely a Bangladeshi business magnate. He’s considered among the wealthiest males in Bangladesh. Most widely known for the Jamuna Group and Jamuna Long term Park, Babul can be who owns the Bangla daily Jugantor. He was caught after submitting his prosperity statement in the Anti-Corruption Percentage (ACC) in 2007. In 2004, Babul was caught by the Quick Action Battalion as well as the Directorate General of Causes Intelligence in link with a murder where he was allegedly the mastermind in plotting the capturing and eliminating of an employee. The arrest was carefully monitored by the house Minister and was carried out with permission in the Prime Minister’s Workplace. In 2011, it had been reported in the Separate that Babul paid around US$3.6 million to Lutfozzaman Babar through the Caretaker government of Bangladesh. In 2005, he was also sued for an alcohol-related charge. In 2013, the authorities attemptedto arrest Babul in the residence of former Bangladesh Leader H M Ershad.


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