Nonin Chowaney

Rev. Nonin Chowaney
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Senior posting
Based inNebraska Zen Center
PredecessorDainin Katagiri
Religious career


Rev. Nonin Chowaney (OPW) can be an American Soto Zen priest, clean calligrapher, as well as the previous abbot and mind priest from the Nebraska Zen Middle in the Heartland Temple in Omaha, Nebraska. A Dharma heir from the past due Dainin Katagiri-roshi, Chowaney received Dharma transmitting in 1989 and may be the creator of a business of Soto priests referred to as The Purchase from the Prairie Blowing wind (OPW). Chowaney also founded an affiliate marketer practice place known as Tending the Ox Zendo in Raymond, Nebraska, as well as the White colored Lotus Sangha, which consisits of three associated prison organizations in Nebraska. Having researched Zen in Japan aswell as at Tassajara Zen Hill Middle, Chowaney is accredited from the Soto College of Japan and participates for the Regular membership Committee from the American Zen Educators Association. In 1999, Chowaney founded the Zen Middle of Pittsburgh – Deep Springtime Temple in Bell Acres, Pa and appointed Rev. Kyōki Roberts as the top priest. After that in 2001 he offered Dharma transmitting to Roberts, his older ordained student.

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